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Jan 4, 2020

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint For the Soul

Find inspiration to take on those fun DIY projects at home with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and some of the many masterpieces that make it look so easy. 

First up we have something big, blue and blooming beautiful courtesy of Love Redesign in Poland.

According to the science of colour theory, blue is a recessive, restful, soothing shade. It invites calm contemplation and encourages imagination. From Chalk Paint® in Oxford Navy shoes up to Napoleonic Blue and Louis Blue in the middle before fading masterfully into neutrality of Old White. Such a relaxing example of true furniture art. More, more, more, please!

Next up, we have beautiful contrasting complementary colours. Old Ochre, Graphite and Dark Chalk Paint® Wax combine together to make this reference to Native American pottery design look suitably aged and authentic. A really interesting piece by Chameleon’s House, and very well done.

Let’s go out with a bang – but a very soothing bang in the form of another brilliantly executed blue ombre! This one is from the Chalk Paint® brushes of furniture painting and photography superstars Patience & Gough. Here we have a stunning transition from Chalk Paint® in Oxford Navy, Aubusson Blue, Provence and Chicago Grey into the beautiful original walnut wood of this 1920s piece. Quite frankly breath taking!

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