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Nov 30, 2019

7 Tips to Improve Your Garage Interior

7 Tips to Improve Your Garage Interior

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A complete home comes with a garage for holding your family car and more. Even if you do not own a car, you can use the garage as a store or a multipurpose room. Maintaining your home requires that you keep the garage in a good condition as well. In this post, we cover the various ways to improve the interior of your garage.


It could be that your garage is full of items that are using up most of the space. Or, maybe, your garage is wearing out, and you are wondering if anything can make it a better place. A remodel of the garage can sort you out and address all your concerns. The results you will have at the end will improve the quality of your garage and the value of your home.

These seven tips will help you to effectively improve your garage interior.

1. Install Insulation Material

Your garage has the biggest door in your home. Through the door, and the walls, your home loses a lot of the heating energy. Insulation material should help you to reduce the amount of energy that your home requires to stay warm during Winter or for cooling in Summer.


The insulation material you use on your garage will prevent the loss of energy. However, you should do some renovations that are necessary to ensure that the walls and the door are in a good state to blend with the insulator.

2. Install Cabinet Storages in the Garage

Throwing things and tools anyhow in the garage is one of the reasons it looks out of shape and filthy. Rearranging it will not only tidy it up but also clear the clutter. Setting up a storage system in the garage will ensure that you have sufficient space for parking your car and moving around efficiently.


Garage cabinets are ideal because they enable you to arrange your tools and items in designated points so that you can easily retrieve them whenever their use arises. Depending on the tools you have in the garage, the cabinets may need to be of different sizes to accommodate everything you have and add esthetic feel in your garage.

3. Upgrade Your Garage Door

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That ancient door on your garage is the reason that you are always having trouble when you want to use it. You need to upgrade it to follow the latest safety standards for your home and make it efficient when using the garage.


A modern garage door will add value to your home. Automated doors make opening and closing simpler and faster. You need to press a button and you are ready. With the latest technology, your door will add safety and protection for your home users. For instance, the door can reverse whenever it senses an object on the way.


Remote control features also improve the safety of your home. You can use a remote control or an application on your smartphone to close and open the garage door. You, therefore, need not worry about forgetting to lock your door when going out.

4. Use Moisture-blocking Paint on Your Garage Walls

Like many other basement parts of your home, the garage tends to get damp from the moisture or water from the ground. When left wet, mold may start growing and eating up your items. Rust is also inevitable on your iron tools when the room is moisty.


To protect your garage, car, and the tools you keep in it, you need to apply paint that prevents water from lodging on the walls, floor, or the door. There are paints that “clean-ability” enhanced to ensure that you can clean your walls without leaving them damp with water.

5. Create a Mudroom Section

When coming from the fields, you have to take off your dirty shoes before entering your house. But why would you want to step into the garage with all the mud, dust and every alien particle that soils and brings pathogens along? You need to create a dedicated place for leaving all the dirt when entering your garage – it is part of your house.


You can use the space near the door, along the wall, to make a storage bench for handling the used and soiled attires before you take them for laundry. Leave your wet hats, greased gloves, and muddy boots there before you proceed into the room.

6. Install a Pegboard

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Pegboards are multi-purpose accessories. You can use them as a backsplash material, decor accessory, or even a storage tool. In the garage, a pegboard will offer an affordable, easy to install, and quickly accessible storage for your tools.


Installing a pegboard is as easy as screwing it onto the wall. It is a simple “do it yourself” exercise that you do not need an expert to install it. You can hang your tools, and since it is in the open, you will experience less rust, banging of tools, and injury when handling and storing them.

7. Turn it Into an Office Space

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Sometimes, the reason why the garage remains neglected is that the family sold their car. If your garage has no purpose, you can remodel it into an office. You can set up a workspace at home so that you can cut down the expenses of renting an office in town and the fare.


Another advantage of having an office at home is that you can get a home office deduction on your taxes. You, however, need to use the space as an office for your business, and it should be your main office of operation.


The quality of your home garage determines the value of your home. Improving it can upgrade the security of your home in many ways. You need to add security, usability, and aesthetic value to your garage to improve your garage experience.

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Derek Edison Is an Interior Decorator and a passionate writer who loves to write about creating an aesthetic and ambient living environment for everyone. He focuses on sharing ideas and techniques learned from his experience as an Interior Decorator in a concise manner so that it can be used by everyone to make their surroundings beautiful to live in. Currently, he’s working with Elitetech Garage Door Repair Services.


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