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5 Design Trends To Keep A Look Out For in 2022

From vintage flair to modern black accents, here are the latest design trends to bring into your home in 2022 from SHF 

Indoor Gardens

Bring your green thumb indoors and embrace the beauty of the outside world. This trend calls for plants, pots and greenery to take centre stage in your home. Start small with a potted indoor garden in a sunny window. Plants have a wonderful way to freshen up your interior and enhance your mood! Take a stroll through your local nursery and enquire about the best houseplants to make the most of this interior trend in 2022.

Vintage Flair

It’s more than just an ode to the old world. The trend of purchasing vintage and one-of-a-kind furniture is also a sustainable one. We’re seeing a move towards greener living and this trend fits into the equation beautifully. Furthermore, it’s also a great way to add personality and charm to a room. We suggest you visit vintage and second-hand shops in your region and find the perfect piece to compliment your home!

Natural Materials

In the same way that the world moves towards a more sustainable way of life, we are also seeing the trend to bring natural materials into our everyday spaces. It’s also the responsible thing to do as we evaluate our life choices and lean towards a more natural way of doing things and designing our interiors.

Black Accents

As we shift into a new season, we are seeing a growing trend from the previous year to embrace black accents in the home. It’s a great way to add some dimension and depth to more minimalist spaces. We suggest you incorporate light, neutral colours for the main elements of your room. Keep the walls and paint colours light and fresh and accessorise with black accents. This will create an inviting contrast.

Added Texture

Texture can add depth and style to any room and we are seeing more and more textured choices available to enhance interior layouts. From textured wallpaper to style your walls to textured fabrics for soft furnishings. Beautiful, bold textures will also help to create a cosy and welcoming space.

We are excited about upcoming trends and can’t wait to see how you implement these and more into your space this year!

Your living space  is everything you make it out to be. If you’re looking to breathe new life into your space, find the latest trends online at SHF.


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