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3 Creative ways to use a sofa in the bedroom

Traditional living room sets come with both a sofa and a loveseat, but many homes don’t have the space for both in the living room. That doesn’t mean you have to leave that adorable, perfect loveseat behind. Instead, get creative and move that loveseat or small sofa into another room in your home.

Bedroom sofas are becoming very common. Not only is it an opportunity to use every piece of a bedroom furniture collection in your home, it also gives you some practical uses. Here are some of the best ways you can use a sofa in the bedroom.

In place of bedroom bench or steamer trunk

It is traditional to have a bedroom bench or steamer trunk at the end of the bed, but you should consider putting a loveseat or small sofa there instead. It will still provide you with a comfortable place to sit while you dress, it will also give you a more comfortable place to just lounge. This is perfect for people who want that private moment to read a book or scroll on their phone without being in bed.

You can also pair the sofa with a media chest that matches your bedroom set, giving you the ability to watch television or play video games from either the sofa or the bed.

Place near a large window for a reading nook

Have you always wished to have a window seat designed with the book lover in mind? Even if you are renting and can’t actually alter the room, you can create a reading nook at a large window with some carefully chosen and placed furniture.

A bed room sofa is far better for this purpose than a bedroom bench. A bench might have interior storage for your books, journals, and writing implements, but it won’t be comfortable to sprawl out for long periods of time. A chaise can also work here, but it would be an additional and separate piece of furniture that would cost more in the long run that going with the loveseat or sofa from your living room set.

Parents love a sleeper sofa for the bedroom

Getting a sleeper sofa and putting it in an open corner of your room is a great idea if you have children, particularly if they share a room with siblings. Having a small sleeper sofa in your bedroom is helpful in many situations, including:

  • A child is ill and needs more tending than usual, but you still need to sleep for work the next day.
  • A sibling sharing the room is under quarantine, and the healthy child needs a place to sleep outside the room.
  • Kids who have a nightmare or are frightened during storms can sleep in the safety of your bedroom without taking over your bed.

Pretty much every parent who reads those words will feel them deeply. Even if you need to have your children in your room on occasion, there is something to be said for keeping all of those awkward knees and elbows out of your bed and muscles.

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