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Dec 28, 2019

Your Summer Kitchen Options With Hansgrohe

With summer now in full swing in South Africa, attention is turned to the brutally hot days of December, which bring guests, parties and travels.

In recognition of the festive season and the natural feeling of wanting to impress the pants off of anyone who visits, here are the best kitchen products that Hansgrohe has on offer.

The Talis M52

This is one of the top performers of 2019. The M52 is the all-rounder of the pack, featuring a simple single-pin lever and vented hot water cylinders. With a swivel range of 150 degrees and designed to ComfortZone standards, the M52 is a breeze to operate.

More importantly, it comes with a beautiful pull-out spray for that extra bit of flexibility and adaptability. Given the heat and water problems in SA, you will be glad to know that the flow rate is set at 5l/m – well below industry standard. This mixer will save you both time and money.

The Metris Select M71

Another top performer, the M71 is a bit more debonair than its peers. Featuring unique pyramid-like design elements, this mixer comes with a massive ComfortZone (space between the mixer, your hands and the sink) allowing for a pleasurable and effortless time in the kitchen. Added to that is the pull-out spout – in itself a design marvel.

The Select button allows for switching the water on and off easily and the water flow rate fits within the EcoSmart specifications, making it easy on the eyes and the piggy bank at the same time.

The Decor

This is the original, the primary, the forefather. The Decor single-lever, single-jet mixer is a classic. Smooth, undulating design lines combined with a full 360 degree swivel range make this the practical choice for the modern kitchen user.

The Decor is a mixer with AirPower, meaning that the water is infused with little air bubbles before coming out; changing nothing about the effect, but saving a ton of actual water in the process. That’s EcoSmart technology at its finest.

Much like a 1945 Mouton Rothschild, this is a vintage that will never go out of style.

Style your Summer

Whatever your choice, you deserve to spend your summer in comfort; in a kitchen which responds to you and your needs.

Gift yourself the Hansgrohe experience this festive season. You won’t look back.

hansgrohe. Meet the beauty of water!

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