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Bathrooms Feb 15, 2021

You and Jeeves

So, you’re ready to make a commitment this month of love – a long lasting relationship filled with blissful days of sheer indulgence, cosy warmth with a continuous source of joy and heavenly relaxation.  If this sounds like a tall order, have no fear.  With Jeeves adding a spark or two to your life, this is more than possible.

And with Valentine’s Day just passed , what better way to build this special relationship then by indulging in some of the Jeeves favs to see just why they make the perfect, long lasting love-match with you (and your bathroom).


  1. Blissful pampering

Tapering lines, effortless chic with a sophisticated design which effortlessly draws attention.   This is the luxe aesthetic of the Jeeves Tangent L Ladder – a heated towel which redefines the streamlined style of the room.  With its smooth, sleek, silhouette, love at first sight is inevitable with this artistic rendition of the household ladder, adding a dimension of on point innovation while indulging you with beautifully warmed up towels and a look which transforms your bathroom into a luxurious haven.

Ladder Rail



2.  Perfect chemistry

The Jeeves Quadro P has all the right ingredients when it comes to falling in love:  a yin yang interaction of curves set against a bold geometric border, ushering in a sense of completion and harmony.  With a gentle tubular inside and an interesting, edgier outside frame, the space is set with a magnetic ambience which invites you to come closer.  Add to this the promise of sumptuous comfort with just the right amount of pizazz and you have the ideal elements for adding character to the room while uplifting your spirit in the process.

Jeeves Quadro P 520 White


3.  Breathtaking beauty

The minimalist style of the Spartan I presents a heated towel rail with a heart stopping simplicity.  Adding a sense of spaciousness to the room through its uncluttered design, this model is set to effortlessly draw attention through the bare essentials of its streamlined form.

This design stands as an authentic representation – stripped of superfluous elements – with clean lines which emphasize the understated elegance of the room, filling the space with a unique essence of serenity.

Jeeves Spartan I Polished

4. Two halves of the same whole

The Classic H works beautifully as a pair, opening up the opportunity to explore the restful mood of symmetry – perfect for creating an oasis away from the demands and bustle of the outside world.  Here balance is key with the two towel racks mirroring each other, drawing attention to the pair as a whole and their unique, compact design.

Adding a fluffy towel with an interesting design will not only change things up a bit to create a lively dynamic, you’ll have the benefit of deliciously dry towels to crown your bathroom pampering too.

Classic H Polished

5. Tender loving care

There is something special about a companion which allows you to be yourself, night or day – without making too many demands while being there when needed.  If this sounds right up your alley, then the Tangent E will more than fit the bill.   This portable model is made to keep you snug and cosy, staying close to your heart with its constant supply of heated towels whenever and wherever you may be in your home. 


And with 2 groups of horizontal bars, this baby is just perfect for two towels, allowing you to share the love with your significant other too. 

Jeeves Tangent Freestanding Polished

Wrapping up


Let’s face it, when it comes to adding a touch of romance to the bathroom, enfolding yourself in the sheer indulgent warmth of a toasty towel is a match made in heaven.  And with soft indulgences of inviting warmth combined with an unparalleled style we don’t blame for falling in love all over again.  With all this plus a range of trendsetting heated towel rails you are guaranteed to celebrate this month of love by finding your perfect match.



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