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Bathrooms May 15, 2020

Wrap yourself in the warmth of Jeeves this winter


There’s something deliciously decadent about stepping into the warmth of a heated towel after a bath or shower.  Keeping you cosy and snug, despite the low temperatures of winter outside, the heated towel is your passport to your own private haven, where you unwind, far away from the cares of the world.

We take a look at 5 delightful heated towel rails from Jeeves to warm you up this winter.

Classic E

If you are looking for a heated towel rail which seamlessly fits in with your bathroom style, then look no further than the Classic E.  With a flexible style boasting two groups of close up horizontal bars, this model from the premium Classic Range combines subtle elegance with an impactful aesthetic.  The result is a charming design, well-suited to a wide variety of themes, rounding off your bathroom time with the sublime appeal of sunny warmth.


Spartan F

Chic, sophisticated with a majestic presence, this minimalist design makes an unquestionable focal point in the room.  Ideally suited for the contemporary and modern styled bathroom, the Spartan F exudes a mesmerising allure with a beguiling simplicity of 7 evenly spaced horizontal bars.  If you are looking to make a personal statement in your bathroom, the Spartan F is sure to make the top of your list, offering an unforgettable impression combined with the promise of unrivalled indulgence in the warmth of toasty towels.

Quadro P

This heated towel rail is a study in form and function.  This visual display effortlessly draws attention to the circular horizontal inner bars, contrasted with a square frame. Groups of closely spaced bars further highlight this distinctive design, while providingIncreased surface area and heat density for more effective towel drying and warming.

This heated towel rail brings the promise of delightfully warmed up towels, while adding a distinctive sense of style to your bathroom experience.

They say that opposites attract.  And this is certainly true of this unique model which sets up a striking yin-yang interplay between the two shapes which artistically combine into an effortlessly crafted masterpiece.

Tangent I

What could be more indulgent than a mobile heated towel rail, that allows you to enjoy the pampering of a perfectly warmed up towel in the room of your choice? The minimalist essence of this plug and play model makes it at home in any design setting, while bringing a sense of luxury to the room.  With the cold early mornings and evenings, this little charmer promises to extend the pampering of your bathroom experience while adding to the aesthetics to your room.


Tangent W

The versatility of the Tangent W makes it an ideal addition to the bathroom space.  Say goodbye to damp towels and hello to being warmed up by a dry, toasty towel. 

With its special swivel function, the Tangent W adds a 3-D aspect to your bathroom décor.  Best of all, this enables you to luxuriate in the cosiness of a heated towel rail which is easily within reach from different sides of the room.

Classic C

Classic C


Wrapping it up

It’s time to replace cold mornings with the soft folds of a wonderfully warmed up fluffy towel. And if you’re wondering just where to start to keep this icy season at bay… look no further than the heated towel rail of your choice and wrap yourself in the warmth of Jeeves this winter.

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