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Bathrooms May 11, 2021

Trendy eco-friendly bathroom accessories

From the misty sunlight filtered through dense green forests and the fresh scent of renewal after the rain to the untouched splendour of sheer cliffs, rising up to greet the untamed waves along their coastline – the breathtaking natural world crowns the glory of our planet with an awe-inspiring celebration of beauty and wonder.

Jeeves Tangent X.

This is the ethos which inspires the creation of the Jeeves designs. Here heated towel rails not only open up a world of elegance and pampering in the bathroom space, but these luxurious accessories also have a gentle impact on the environment too.

We take a look at this dedication to our planet which has led to the inspiration behind these trendy eco-friendly bathroom designs.

Jeeves Hydronic Classic D

The gentle touch

The Jeeves notion of minimising impact on the environment has inspired a wide variety of heated towel rail designs which combine visually captivating silhouettes with safe environmental applications.  Central to this is being kind to the earth, with creations which champion best practices using resources efficiently so as to minimise impact on the natural surroundings.

This translates into heated towel rails with on point streamlined designs:  from the flawless beauty of the classic range to the edgy vibrancy of the contemporary Quadro range, these accessories contribute an effortless pampering to the bathroom experience while playing a role in environmental sustainability.

To top it all, with this focus on saving energy and using recyclable materials, Jeeves has attained membership of the Green Building Council of South Africa.

Jeeves Classic N28 Polished.

The power of efficiency

Inspired by the verdant landscape of the Western Cape, home to the Jeeves head office, heated towel rails are designed with an emphasis on reducing energy in order to benefit the environment.

To this end, Jeeves towel warmers are engineered to use electricity intermittently and only when required. Courtesy of an innovative heating system – Automated Heating Technology (AHT) – each towel rail is fitted with a unique self-regulating thermostat and thermal security fuse. The thermostat automatically achieves and controls the optimum operating temperature of the heated towel rail, while the security fuse acts as an additional safeguard against overheating, to bring pampered warmth to your bathroom experience with a constant supply of delightfully toasty towels.

Conservation extends to your budget, with the average wattage required for the heated towel rail using less energy than your standard light bulb. This is much cheaper than using a 3000-watt tumble dryer plus your towel warmer brings the unforgettable advantage of finishing your bath time wrapped in the soft, lush folds of a heavenly heated towel.

Jeeves Spartan F


Off the grid 

Jeeves also offers another energy efficient option – the eco-friendly Hydronic installation.  Available in all designs from the innovative Tangent range, the premium Classic range and the statement making Quadro models to the chic Spartan designs, the Hydronic versions have been used extensively with central heating systems in the UK and Europe for over two decades.

Ideal for systems with a heat pump or utilizing solar, these indulgent bathroom accessories are designed to operate as part of a recirculating hot water system, providing further benefit to the environment without the electrical heating elements.

A simple circulation pump (not supplied by Jeeves) can be used to circulate hot water from the geyser or solar storage tank to the heated towel rail before returning to be recirculated. Hot water passes through all horizontal and vertical tubes of the towel rail, bringing sublime warmth and a constant supply of heated towels.

And if you happen to use solar generated hot water together with a wholly solar powered circulation pump, this means enjoying the delights of your heated towel rail, totally off the grid!

(However, even making use of an electric circulation pump on hydronic heating systems will result in negligible running costs due to the very low wattage ratings of these appliances.)

Classic Eight Heated Towel Rail

Turning up the heat

The Jeeves designs are created to maximise heat efficiency.  Increased surface area and heat density resulting from groups of closely spaced bars such as the designs of the Tangent E, Quadro Q or Classic K, allow for more effective towel drying and warming. Heated towel rail designs with fewer and widely spaced horizontal bars on the other hand provide dry towels which have been gently warmed.

 To maximise the effect of the closely spaced groups of bars, fold the towel in half, and in half again before draping it over the heated towel rail. As a rule of thumb, one group of bars on a premium model is enough space for a twice-folded bath sheet.  All you need then do is relax in anticipation of your blissful bath routine crowned by the indulgent warmth of a soft heated towel.

The key ingredient of care

Jeeves heated towel rails are manufactured with the idea of contributing to the protection of natural ecosystems, locally sourcing the stainless steel which is 100% recyclable.  This has further benefits, reducing the carbon emissions of transportation, while simultaneously providing support to local producers as well.

 The stainless steel designs are available in a variety of exquisite finishes:  mirror-polished for the sophisticated bathroom; matte brushed finish for a smooth, elegant look; white if you’re looking for contrast against a coloured wall; matte black – equally at home as a striking statement or if you have a monochrome theme; the trendy colour of antique rose gold adds a soft, relaxing effect while the new pearl gold finish is perfect to bring a bright sunny look to the room.

 Wrapping up

 Across the Jeeves ranges – Tangent, Classic, Spartan and Quadro Heated Towel Rails – all heated towel rails are handcrafted and made to exacting standards while incorporating environmentally friendly practices in support of the health and well-being of both our earth and the people who are part of our precious ecosystem.

 Every step along the design journey, together with materials and engineering all form part of the Jeeves dedication to making the world a better place and bath time a heavenly oasis of relaxation.

 The result is your own private getaway which contributes to the natural world rather than taking from it and depleting it. This is the world where chic, trendy eco-friendly designs bring an on-trend aesthetic to the bathroom, evoking a sense of luxury and indulgence while caring for the environment in the process too.


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