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Bathrooms Jan 15, 2021

Top 5 bathroom décor trends for 2021

Ah, the rejuvenating bathroom oasis.  Luxurious long soaks releasing the tension of the day or invigorating moments leaving you energised for the day ahead.

And what better way to inspire this inviting bathroom experience than a look at the top bathroom trends for 2021 which promise to transform your bathroom into your very own tranquil retreat. 

  1. A touch of tranquility

The Spartan I reflects the New Year’s emphasis on optimising the bathroom as a streamlined space.  The impact of this heated towel rail lies in its minimalist appeal, with well-spaced horizontal bars inspiring an uncluttered, clean look which lends itself to the delights of unwinding at the end of a busy day.

Bringing an understated elegance to the room, the Spartan I is ideal for providing the soothing effect that is big in the bathroom in 2021.

Jeeves Spartan I White




    1. Spa sensation

    The Tangent X is perfect for introducing a sense of elegant chic, an essential component of the 2021 spa trend for the bathroom.  With its unique floor mounted feature, this freestanding design is set to create the pampering ambience of your own personal butler, bringing you crisp dry towels, perfectly within reach of your bath or shower.


    Effortlessly commanding attention with its visual impact, this towel warmer has an innovative essence, combining state-of-the-art style with chic simplicity to evoke a timeless elegance.

    Add to this a polished finish which introduces reflective accents to the area, and you are sure to elevate your space to a new level of sophistication and glam.

    Jeeves Tangent X Polished.





    1. Eye-catching designs

    Statement making accessories are a central part of bathroom trends for the upcoming year.  If you are looking to add a new dimension to your bathroom, creating a bold space where luxury meets aesthetic impact, look no further than the Spartan Boxx.   Elevating the bathroom to that of an art gallery, this modern design imbues the room with dramatic flair, creating a wow effect – a key trend in 2021.


    As a natural focal point in your bathroom, the Spartan Boxx stands out in the design palette with its fluid lines and square frame creating a sense of completion, bringing a bold look with a sense of serenity to your bathroom experience.

    Jeeves Spartan Boxx

    1. Geometric Impact

    Say a big “yes” to the Quadro P if you are wanting to embrace the 2021 über-fashionable design trend of an edgier, sophisticated look.  When it comes to its decorative impact, the geometric accents of the Quadro P add a sleek look and feel, suffusing the room with a contemporary décor theme.


    Sporting a geometric look which combines a square frame with rounded tubular bars, this design offers a mesmerising sophisticated style which delivers function and form in equal measure.  With a design set to turn heads, this model has three groups of horizontal bars providing the ideal surface area and heat density for more effective towel drying and warming, you and your family are assured of the indulgence of an endless supply of toasty towels. 

    Jeeves Quadro P Black


    1. Expansiveness

    The feel of spaciousness brings the experience of luxurious pampering to the bathroom.  This significant décor element of the 2021 bathroom trends can be further emphasised through accessories such as the extended silhouette of the Classic D. Adding a feeling of expansiveness to the room through its height of 1340mm, this design highlights the vertical openness of the bathroom space. 


    Perfect for the demands of the family bathroom or as a source of indulgence for the en suite bathroom, this heated towel rail is made for long, lazy afternoon soaks, crowned by the decadent delights of a crisp dry towel. With its definitive touch of luxury, the Classic D is set to transform the room into a haven of pampered indulgence.

    Jeeves Classic D620 Black

    Wrapping up

    The new trends focus on the bathroom as a place of luxury complemented by the expression of individual artistic flair. Creating a foundation of indulgence and luxury, the 2021 décor trends pay homage to the bathroom as a special sanctuary of pampering and relaxation.


    Prepare to embrace a new year where décor trends bring the bathroom to the centre of home design, creating an unforgettable impact in your own private getaway of heavenly time out.


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