Tips to Transform Your Guest Bathroom


Often one of the most overlooked areas around the home, the guest bathroom can easily become a dull and neglected room. Don’t let this functional space diminish the value of your home. Infuse your personal style into your guest loo with a few simple ideas that are bound to pack a punch!

Our friends from Private Property asked us to explore this topic in greater detail, so we present you with a few top tips to inspire your own guest bathroom renovations. Colour On a budget? The easiest way to totally transform a room is with a fresh lick of paint. In a guest loo, be bold and adventurous and choose a trending colour that infuses life and energy into the space. Carefully consider accent colours to enhance your new look and Create instant drama for your guest loo.  We are loving the current metallic trend in the bathroom with accents in gold, copper or silver for a bold statement.
Lighting Lighting can make or break the entire design of any room. Add a glamorous pendant or chandelier for instant drama in the guest bathroom! Alternatively, a few modern wall sconces may add the perfect lighting to this functional space. Custom storage Storage is essential within any room, and particularly in a guest bathroom where you may need to house extra towels, bath products and accessories. Transform your space with an upgraded vanity or customised storage cabinet to suit your new style. Think open shelving for a modern, sleek look or choose a gorgeous upcycled wooden piece for added vintage charm. Add baskets, crates and even wall mounted hooks for additional storage that will also be pleasing to the eye.
Mirror, mirror on the wall Is your guest bathroom on the smaller side? Invest in an oversized mirror as an eye-catching feature in this space. Not only will it help to reflect light, but it will also create the illusion that your guest bathroom is much more spacious than it actually is. Go glam with a beautiful embellished frame that will make a bold statement. The windows Upgrade your window treatments for instant appeal in the bathroom and invest in quality finishes that will improve the flow and ambiance of the space. Modern wooden shutters are now available to add value to your home. Alternatively, invest in quality water and damp-resistant window treatments that will not fade in the humidity of a bathroom.

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Add value to your property An upgraded guest loo is a worthwhile investment. Not only will you learn to quickly maximise the space and create a bathroom that is more inviting and comfortable for guests, but if you should place your house on the market, an upgraded guest loo is the perfect feature in a property for sale.


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