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Tile Africa: Decor Tiles & The Ultimate DIY Hack for Tiles

So, a few tiles have cracked or lifted off your walls or floors, they’re been there since you moved in and you don’t have stock of them and of course, it is unlikely that you will find the same tile again. Disaster? Not really, Tile Africa have got the perfect solution for you. Décor tiles and spotters are the ultimate DIY hack to fill the gaps without re-tiling the whole space.

Wall tiles

Décor tiles, spotters and listellos not only make a great feature on your tiled walls, breaking the monotony of the field tile, but they can also be used as replacements for those ugly cracked or missing tiles. If possible, take a piece of the broken tile, or a photo of your existing tiles with you to the store, so that you can compare against the available options.

Floor tiles

You can also use a décor tile to hide those glaring gaps in your flooring but remember that wall tiles can’t be used on the floor! Be sure to check with your Design Advisor in-store what décor tiles can be used on the floor.

Design tips

You can choose a décor tile or spotter with a similar colour to your existing tiles to blend in with them, or alternatively you can choose a contrasting tile and make a bold statement out of your replacement tiles. If you can’t find the right size tile for the space, look at larger tiles that you can cut to fit, pulling out selected patterns on the tile to create your own unique look.

If it’s a fairly large area, why not remove a few tiles around the cracked or missing ones to create a symmetrical space. Using four or more décor tiles placed together can create a rug detail on the floor or a picture effect on walls.

Be bold with your repairs so that it looks purposeful, planned and a stylish part of your décor.

Top tip! Be sure to ask your Tile Africa Design Advisor in store for advice on smaller DIY-sized packs of tile adhesive for replacing small areas of tiles.

For more information or décor ideas go to www.tileafrica.co.za or visit your nearest Tile Africa store.

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