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Tile Africa: 6 Style Trends For The Home – Indoor & Out

A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy. Explore Tile Africa’s wide range of tiles for indoor, outdoor, pool and covered patio.


Sophisticated, practical urban living is the structure behind this look. People in the know put together sleek and minimialistic rooms which radiate calm. Concrete is a thing of beauty and industrial elements are prized for their ‘form is function’ practicality.

Colours are a backdrop of monochromatic shades of neutral bone through to light, medium and charcoal grey. But remember the urban dweller is far from boring – texture, shape and that exciting pop of colour will complete the look.


Classic sophistication is the hallmark of this style. Taking the rich colours and textures of marble, travertine and precious metals as inspiration, adding glam and sparkle with crystal. The look is timeless and elegant, with just a touch of sumptuous luxury.

Your accessories and furnishings pick up the gorgeous glint of gold, copper and silver, or the classic simplicity of black and white. You can add a little glowing intensity with royal purple, teal or midnight blue.


The romantic soul will create a home in this style. Soft and feminine lines form the backdrop for a nostalgic collection of quirky elements of a byegone era that express your individual taste. French, Victorian or Rococo all fit this look to create a charming ambience.

Accessories range from your grandmother’s lace to a row of scented rose blooms displayed in old scent bottles. Shades of white, cream pink and duck egg blue are your colour palette, or go for the classic Victorian black and white.


My home is a playground where I can put together a rich visual diversity. I am bold and unconventional and I love the diverse influence I see in my global travels — even if they are sometimes from my armchair!

Anything goes! Combine man—made plastic trinkets with granny’s ball and claw chair. Anchor your colour scheme perhaps with red/yellow and aqua and then add new colours in an organic way. Don’t be hesitant if you like everything in your look, it will work because it will be a reflection of you.


Your home is your sanctuary, your place of peace. This style takes inspiration from the earth and beauty found in nature. Shapes are fluid and ergonomic, textures are important and the results serene and harmonious.

Your accessories pick up on the natural theme. Create texture with soft and hard shapes like stone, wood and pebbles in a range of gentle browns and bone tones — while bamboo, cotton and silk bring serenity. Harmonising neutrals of greens and taupe hues add the finishing touch.


Stepping into this space appeals to all the senses. Whether you choose the invigorating sea and sand experience of the islands or the intimate warm spice of Morocco, your home can reflect the warm Mediterranean lifestyle.

Your colour pallet can be the cerulean blues and aqua of the sea, with driftwood and lime—washed furnishings. White on white or neutral tones accented with navy, turquoise and green.

Find the style that suits you and visit Tile Africa for more.

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