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Bathrooms Sep 19, 2021

The Design Studio at Ferreiras Tile + Bathroom

The Design Studio at Ferreiras facilitates the complete design and specification process for all types of residential, contractual and architectural designs. Here a team of professional, qualified, Interior Designers offers effortless, time-saving solutions for all your bathroom and tiling needs.

Ferreiras has been crafting beautiful spaces for years. They take pride in being at the forefront of supplying the latest
trends in the world of interior design and finishes.

Interior Design is the Art and Design of enhancing the interior of a space to achieve a functional and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space.

How it works…

1: The designer meets and consults with the client to establish their design needs.
2: A concept is then developed for the client.
3: A set of technical drawings are produced to assist in the construction of the design.
4: Once the drawings are finalized, computer-aided design visuals are produced to show the client how the design will be implemented.

Furthermore, The Design Studio offers various design packages to assist you with the design of your bathroom and to maximize its potential.

Now on Promotion:

Take a look at all the September Promotional deals now on at Ferreiras. Make the most of an amazing promo with local brand DADOquartz. Furthermore, more goods news for September Heritage Month – Get 15% OFF selected locally manufactured tiles.

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