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Bathrooms Aug 19, 2021

The Dawn of a new season with Lifestyle Ceramics

Spring Trends – The dawn of a new season means we can make room for the latest design trends! Let us share in the excitement of your latest spring collections and together we can celebrate the spirit of sunshine and joy!

Spring is here with its blooming new growth and beautiful colours. We are adding greens, blues, and yellows to our homes this spring to celebrate this new season. Think a deep marble green for an accent wall with a warm base colour. Or bring that freshness from spring by adding pops of white.

Porcelain slabs are perfect for accent walls or all your bathroom walls really. They have one continues pattern running up your wall. Grout lines are kept to a minimum which is ideal for any bathroom – not just for aesthetic reasons but sanitary as well.

We are also adding patterns and textures to our spaces. From tiles that make you doubt whether you are not looking at wallpaper to polished tiles that mimic the look of flowers floating on water. We have textured wall tiles for outdoors that will create a stage for your blossoming garden and show off your hard work.

There is freshness in the air when it’s springtime and a great way to bring that freshness into your home is by adding a great shower. For those of us that enjoy a good shower, I have good news for you; showers are much more customizable than you would think. You can have a shower head with a rain shower mode, a waterfall mode, and many more. You can add body jets. You can add hand showers. There is even a shoulder shower that also functions as a shelf! There really is no end to the possibilities.

Visit our website or one of our showrooms to see what else Lifestyle Ceramics has to offer this spring.

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