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Bathrooms Mar 12, 2021

Small ideas with big impact on your bathroom  

Have you ever noticed how small additions can make a big impression?  Big is not necessarily better.  Take the addition of sunshine to a cloudy day or a smile to a face – that extra something changes the entire feel of that experience.  This is particularly true when it comes to the bathroom:  while each element plays a role in creating the feel of the room, it is often the smaller accessories like the heated towel rail which redefines the space – adding that essential ingredient of indulgence to the bathroom setting.

Tangent W-2 Polished

We take a look at 5 special heated towel rails from Jeeves and the big difference they make to your bathroom enjoyment.

  1. Dynamite 101

They say that dynamite comes in small packages.  However, the Jeeves W Tangent puts a whole new spin on the saying. This compact baby is set to make a big impact, upgrading the bathroom into your very own spa-like paradise.  Think rolled up white towels, just waiting for you to use or completing your bath time with the pampering softness of a dry fluffy towel, courtesy of this design’s vertical extension.  Oh yes, this heated towel rail was made to change your bathroom into your own private retreat, transforming your time out into moments of luxurious indulgence.

Heated Ladder Rail

  1. Blissful sanctuary

Looking to claim your own slice of heaven? Adding a small tweak with the sophisticated silhouette of the Tangent Ladder L is set to take the room to a new level of chic.  With its mesmerising visual display combining indulgence with style and practicality, this on point design is sure to turn even the most mundane bathroom into an absolute showstopper, to say nothing of the delightful, heated towels just waiting to round off your delightful bathroom experience.

  1. Spartan Boxx

Spartan Boxx White

There’s great design and then there’s the Spartan Boxx.   This is the impressive impact of the small addition of the Spartan Boxx which effortlessly makes a big statement in the room.  Centred around modern simplicity, this heated towel rail infuses the room with your own personal statement, creating a focal point where unique craftmanship meets personal indulgence in the intimacy of the bathroom setting.  Bringing an indulgent aesthetic to the room, this bold feature is perfect for changing up bath time into an unforgettable experience where cares melt away against the backdrop of delectable pampering.

  1. Expansive space

There is nothing like ending the day in a place where time is suspended, stepping into your own private sanctuary enhanced by the indulgent pampering of the glass-mounted Spartan F. The beauty of this design is that it can be enjoyed from multiple vantage points, making this a sculptural element in the bathroom space.    Featuring regularly spaced horizontal bars which bring an uncluttered essence to the room, the Spartan F adds a fluid feel accompanied by a pervasive sense of harmony.  This is your ultimate haven, where the impact of design provides seclusion and sanctuary from the busyness of the day, allowing all stress to wash away as you savour a time of blissful escapism.


Jeeves Spartan


  1. Turn on the spotlight

There is something to be said for creating a positive ripple effect, especially when it is a design which elevates the mood of a space, energising the area with contrasts and unexpected combinations.  Effortlessly embodied by the Quadro Q, this notion of contrasting elements is explored in the melding of two different design styles – that of a modern angular look, together with a softer classical touch.  The result is a magnetic feature with softly curved horizontal bars set against a geometric frame, bringing a contemporary look with the indulgent touch of toasty towels to crown your bathroom experience.


Wrapping up

We often underestimate the impact of small changes to our décor.  However, when it comes to the bathroom, the addition of key accessories such as the heated towel rail can radically change the ambience of the room, both in terms of the visual appeal and the introduction of a sense of luxury.


From creating a breath-taking effect of a design piece to the understated impact of minimalist simplicity, the heated towel rail is an ideal way of adding a new item which totally transforms the ambience of the room, bringing the indulgence of warm, dry towels to create that special space for your relaxation and rejuvenation.


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