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Bathrooms Jul 31, 2022

Tile Africa Presents Triton Xerophyte

Take your shower experience to a whole new level with the latest water-saving digital shower – Triton Xerophyte – now available from Tile Africa. It is the more efficient and sustainable way to shower!

Save precious clean water from being wasted!

Tired of wasting clean water while waiting for it to heat up? With the Triton Xerophyte, wasting water and time while you wait for your shower to warm up is a thing of the past. Simply press the START button and carry on with your daily bathroom routine while the Triton Xerophyte water flow management technology warms up your shower.

In fact, Triton Xerophyte is the only mixer that doesn’t leave you standing wasting clean shower water as you wait for it to heat. This means you can actually spend more productive time in your bathroom. Simply put, you can attend to other bathroom routines while Triton Xerophyte prepares your shower. No time-wasting standing waiting for hot water!

Tired of catching and recycling shower water?

The Triton Xerophyte eliminates the need for ineffective, frustrating and messy manual water conservation interventions. Triton Xerophyte’s innovative water flow technology solves this by circulating the water without wasting a drop. Save water every time you shower with a Triton Xerophyte, even during times of water abundance. During trials in the Kruger National Park, the Triton Xerophyte reduced shower water consumption by more than 30%.

Furthermore, Triton Xerophyte does the conservation work for you every time you shower. No more buckets and definitely no more fiddling for the right temperature! Triton Xerophyte’s pre-defined settings and automated temperature and flow controls ensure the perfect shower.

Your pre-defined shower preferences ensure a consistent quality shower without having to fiddle with controls. You pre-specify your preferred temperature, flow rate and shower duration so that you can enjoy a perfect experience every time. It automatically responds to changes in water temperature and water flow, maximizing your shower experience.

Triton’s top of the range digital shower works for you! Simple touch-button and dial controls that deliver the temperature and water flow you want, when you want it!

Get yours now. Contact Tile Africa for more.

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  1. Teboho

    September 3, 2023

    How much is a Triton T80 shower faucet


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