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Showers Apr 19, 2021

Gessi Spotwater – Enrichment For Your Bathroom

Once again, Gessi brings style into the bathroom. Gessi Spotwater is the perfect synthesis of advanced technology, craft touch and high design.

The freedom of choice

With a swivelling tubular design, Spotwater reinterprets, with an architectural touch, the appearance and functionality of the shower.  It truly is surprising with a range of patterns and finishes that gives us the ultimate freedom of choice. Pick from the shimmering brightness of pure metal to soft tones, from strong surface textures to other less accentuated ones. The choice is thus, yours.

Gessi Spotwater suggests a variety of stylistic interpretations and customization, in order to create a real path within your bathroom thanks to the different types of jet (rain, mist, waterfall and multi-spray). It is not just a pretty face either. Spotwater is a revolutionary showerhead extremely easy to install, which does not require the built-in part and which has an innovative joint system.

Enrich a Private Wellness Retreat

It’s a really fantastic way to enrich a bathroom or private wellness retreat. Like a precious touch, Sptwater reveals itself as a jewel, light and art.

The shower therefore becomes the focal point. The SpotWater shower systems, with their minimalistic designs and sculpture-like shapes, elevate with grace the shower. Indeed, they make water the tool for a totally enjoyable and customizable experience.

Looking for a way to bring a modern aesthetic to the bathroom? Gessi Spotwater is your answer. Available from Afrikano in South Africa


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