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Bathrooms Jan 26, 2022

Gessi Outdoor Removes The Boundaries For Outdoor Spaces

Gessi Outdoor has brought wellness outside of our home, removing the boundaries to the bathroom environment.
Outdoor environments need the same care that is reserved for indoor spaces. Endowing them with high technological avant-garde systems means recognizing the central role that well-being assumes, in every declination of space.
Through the innovative Outdoor L, the decorative richness and uniqueness of Gessi Outdoor are emphasized by the High tech aesthetics and the chromotherapy brought in contact with nature. Not only the emotion of water but also the power of light to make our private wellness more intense.
Here you will find a product that stands out for its captivating and decisive personality. One that is furthermore noted for its iconic and at the same time discreet shapes.

The combinations of workmanships and finishes available are those we have already learned about with Outdoor. In addition, there is an innovative touch system for adjusting the light intensity and colour directly on the column. The black and white plexiglass diffuser makes the object extremely elegant even when switched off when the luminous crown becomes shiny black.

Outdoor L is in fact a completely new concept that combines for the first time lighting and colour therapy in an outdoor product to guarantee a better wellness experience and emphasise the beauty of its design.

The Outdoor collection stands out for the research of details and geometric shapes that enrich the product in all its variants.

Find the latest from Gessi and the Outdoor Collection now available from Afrikano Tile & Decor.

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