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Bathrooms Feb 16, 2024

Your Bathroom Oasis: Top Trend Tips for Incorporating Colours & Textures with Lecico.

At Lecico, we understand the pivotal role that colour and texture play in transforming bathrooms into harmonious retreats.

Today, let’s embark on a journey into the world of our wall hung pans, each a masterpiece in its own right, and explore how colour and texture palettes can transform your bathroom into an oasis, with simple tips and solutions to suit every budget with Lecico.

Quadro Rimless Wall Hung Pan: Contemporary Boldness

Embrace the contemporary allure of the Quadro Rimless Wall Hung Pan with its defining rectangular shape.

  • Pair the sleek Quadro with creamy wall finishes and ultra-glossy floor tiles for a modern allure.
  • Introduce contrasting textures through bold accents and accessories – think brass / copper fixtures and lighting for a subtle homage to the very best of neo-industrialism and steampunk whimsy.lecico-quadro

Stile Rimless Wall Hung Pan: Embracing Elegant Sophistication

With gentle, flowing curves, the Stile wall hung pan embodies sophistication.

  • Continue the Stile’s gentle aesthetic with soft wall shades for a delicate blush of colour.
  • Think natural stone or wooden textures for the floor (easily and inexpensively achieved with organic looking floor tiles), creating a serene ambiance.lecico-toilet-stile

Volta Rimless Wall Hung Pan: The Bold Fusion

For a fusion of timeless and contemporary, the Volta Rimless Wall-Hung Pan’s strong rectangular lines make a bold statement.

  • Embrace monochromatic floor and wall colour schemes for a sleek and cohesive look, and introduce colour and texture through vibrant statement wall art. Bathrooms make for surprisingly good galleries, especially for unusual or quirky art.lecico-volta

Zambezi Rimless Wall Hung Pan: Luxe Personified

The Zambezi, with its ballet-like curvature, demands attention.

  • Envelop your bathroom in opulence by opting for rich, deep colours on the walls and patterned floor finishes. Even the most compact of bathrooms can take on the richness of indigo and peacock shades.
  • Select luxurious and large-sized bath linens that you can melt into to complement the Zambezi’s lavish aesthetic.lecico-zambezi

Have fun experimenting with colour and texture to curate a space that reflects your personal style. At Lecico, we provide not just sanware but a canvas for your artistic expression in the realm of bathroom design. Make your bathroom sanctuary truly yours with Lecico wall-hung pans and turn every visit to your bathroom into a moment of indulgence.


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