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Bathrooms Jun 14, 2024

Traditional Redefined: A Modern Makeover with Jaquar’s Premium Touch

The first light of dawn filters through your window, and the world awakens around you. You step into your bathroom, a private haven where serenity and sophistication coalesce. The gentle hum of water flowing from meticulously crafted fixtures and the subtle elegance of refined sanitaryware greet you, setting the tone for your day. This is not just any bathroom; it is a space transformed by the touch of Jaquar, where everyday routines become moments of pure indulgence.

Faucets: The Heart of Bathroom Elegance.
Jaquar’s range of faucets merges refreshing coolness with enveloping warmth, offering unmatched precision and sustainable water usage. Particularly noteworthy are the black faucets, which add a sleek, modern touch to any bathroom. Available in finishes like Black Matt and Black Chrome, these faucets are the epitome of style and cutting-edge technology. Sensor faucets provide a touch-free, hygienic experience, perfect for the modern, health-conscious home.

Sanitaryware: Setting the Mood.
At the heart of any sophisticated bathroom, you’ll find Jaquar’s superior sanitaryware. From chic wall-hung designs to classic pedestal pieces, Jaquar’s sanitaryware provides not just function but also elegance. Their automatic rimless water closets offer unmatched convenience and hygiene, featuring anti-germ glazing and soft-closing detachable UF seat covers that ensure durability and cleanliness. Options include wall-hung, over-counter, under-counter, and countertop installations, allowing for a customised bathroom design.

Wellness Products: Your Personal Spa.
Transform your bathroom into a personal oasis with Jaquar’s wellness products. The Laguna collection, designed by the renowned Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez, brings timeless and classic design to your home. Imagine ending a long day with a relaxing soak in a whirlpool or rejuvenating under a steam shower that melts away your stress. It’s about investing in your health and well-being. This collection features customisable options in single-tone and dual colours, like Black Matt and Gold Matt PVD. Indulge in therapeutic whirlpools, luxurious bathtubs, and state-of-the-art steam showers that promise to relax and restore your equilibrium.

Upgrade your life. Upgrade to Jaquar.
In the design world, keeping your living space up-to-date isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity. Upgrading to Jaquar transforms your bathroom into a space of elegance, efficiency, and personal wellness.

From Traditional to Trendsetting.
Gone are the days of settling for basic, uninspiring bathroom fixtures. Jaquar offers a range of upgrades that can turn any bathroom into a trendsetting sanctuary. For instance, upgrading from a simple wall mixer to an advanced diverter or even an Aqua Max thermostat can revolutionise your shower experience, offering precise temperature control and a luxurious, spa-like feel. Why stick with a single-flow shower when you can enjoy the indulgence of multiflow or chromotherapy showers?

Maximise Space and Modernize Design.
Whether you’re moving into a new home or renovating with future plans in mind, Jaquar helps you maximise your space with smart, stylish solutions. Upgrade from a floor-mounted WC to a sleek, wall-hung model, or go from a standard under-counter basin to a stylish tabletop version. These changes not only enhance the visual appeal but also improve functionality and space efficiency.

Functional Upgrades for Everyday Luxury.
Let’s face it- sometimes, the little things make the biggest difference. Upgrading from a simple basin mixer to a sophisticated sensor tap can add a layer of convenience and modernity to your bathroom.

Whether dealing with outdated fixtures or planning a renovation, Jaquar offers the perfect solutions. Improve your bathroom’s quality, enhance energy efficiency, increase storage space, and incorporate the latest in design and technology.

Transform your bathroom into a space of luxury, style, and wellness with Jaquar.  #UpgradeToJaquar and experience the difference. Visit our Jaquar World or contact our experts to start your transformation today.
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