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Bathrooms Jul 11, 2024

Minimalism In Interior Design with On Tap Plumbing & Bathrooms

A minimalist interior holds simplicity at its core. This has become a popular interior trend in recent years for its clean, contemporary and uncluttered appeal. The key to achieving a minimalist aesthetic is primarily avoiding clutter and any unnecessary extras that are not duly warranted within the space and the fundamental elements to achieving this interior style include clean decor, neutral colour palettes and minimal accessories.


Minimalism equally offers longevity and versatility in that it provides a foundation that can be remodeled and refreshed with the simple addition of seasonal colour and pattern trends if desired.

On Tap is the trusted home of beautiful bathrooms and kitchens and here they share their insight into successfully achieving minimalism in bathroom and kitchen design.
When considering a minimalist aesthetic for your bathroom design, it is important to set the tone with a light colour palette that provides a neutral foundation that is clean, calm and brings a warmth and serene ambience to the room. Opting for a neutral colour scheme additionally creates an illusion of light and space and provides the perfect undertone to introduce various accent colours and décor to compliment it.

Choosing simple additions that offer a single statement piece, such as a side table, heated towel rail or bath caddy, maintain simplicity when it comes to décor elements. To eliminate the clutter, choosing bathroom storage solutions is pivotal whether it be a wall-mounted mirror vanity or vanity units that feature cupboards and drawers, all of which are perfect to store bathroom essentials and toiletries whilst maintaining that essential clutter-free surrounding.

Complete the look with fixtures and fittings in colour finishes to contrast with the neutral palette, such as matt black, brushed brass or gold, all of which are currently trending in the world of interior design.

Transforming your culinary space into one that exudes minimalism doesn’t require an expensive renovation but rather a simple undertaking of de-cluttering to achieve the desired result. Less is more with the minimalist design trend! Consider elements such as cooking utensils, cutlery, crockery, pots and pans, and small appliances, all of which are abundant in most kitchens yet many are in fact aged or duplicated and tend to go unused! Countertop space is often taken up by items used daily but finding an easily accessible storage space for these items will ensure the bare minimum is on display and the clean lines aligned with the minimalist aesthetic are maintained.

Consider a change in colour scheme, preferably a solid colour palette of neutral tones, featuring colours from the same spectrum that offer minimal contrast. This in turn can also make the area appear more spacious! Lastly, replacing current cabinet doors with plain, solid-coloured doors without knobs or more simplistic bar handles are optimal to complete the look.


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