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Bathrooms Feb 12, 2024

Heated towel rails we’re loving this Valentine’s Month with Jeeves.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the tranquil haven of the bathroom is the perfect space for romance, providing an oasis of pampering and relaxation. Crowning this is the epitome of romantic décor – the heated towel rail with its sleek contours gracing the space with a decided charm, to bring a pampered touch to your bathroom experience.

Spoilt for choice, with each Jeeves heated towel rail having its own unique style and appeal, we are sharing some of the top choices that we’re loving this Valentine’s Month.

  1. The Freestanding Heated Towel Rails from the Jeeves Tangent Range

Available in a sumptuous selection of three sleek styles, the Jeeves on point  freestanding towel rails provide an inviting ease of ‘plug and play’, pampering you with delightfully fresh, dry towels in whichever room you happen choose.


What we love most about these heated towel rails

Tangent I:  The unabashedly modern look with simple, clean lines of the Tangent I has a minimalist essence, giving a freshness to the bathroom space.  This freestanding towel warmer boasts a design of effortless simplicity accompanied by a striking edge of modern styling.

Tangent SIX:  Bringing a contemporary look to the room, the Tangent SIX is set to create a unique impact.  At home in a modern setting, this heated towel rails brings visual interest with its minimalist aesthetic accompanied by the indulgent experience of warm towels at your disposal, wherever you may be.

Tangent E:  The Tangent E brings the luxury of a freestanding heated towel, together with the creature comforts provided by groups of bars reminiscent of the Jeeves Classic range.  Bringing a visual feast to the bathroom or whichever room it adorns, this design lends itself to the interweaving of a beautifully coloured towel between its bars, grouped together to bring texture and movement to the space.

  1. Quadro P

The geometric appeal of the Jeeves Quadro P has all the hallmarks of inspired modern design: clean lines and simplicity with a bold impact.  Bringing a vivacious edge, this contemporary towel warmer inspires an invigorating freshness, allowing you to express your definitive individual style.

With horizontal bars repeated in groups of 4, this heated towel brings a sense of vibrancy, with the unique juxtaposition of the square frames bringing an artistic flare, softened by rounded tubular bars – creating an arresting look which is set to make the space.


What we love most about the Jeeves Quadro P

The yin and yang interplay of shapes and angles echoes the dynamics of a relationship – with each person bringing an essential essence, which together makes for an unforgettable whole. 

  1. Spartan Boxx

Offering striking style along with impressive towel drying efficiency, the Jeeves Spartan Boxx combines sophistication with a sense of completion, adding romance to the bathroom space.

What we love most about the Jeeves Spartan Boxx

The solid, unending frame further complimented by the sleek horizontal bars mirrors the interconnectedness of romance.

Additionally, the Jeeves Spartan Boxx creates a memorable effect, transforming the bathroom into a breath-taking unique space, where function and form excel in a dramatic interplay, effortlessly making this contemporary design the centrepiece of the bathroom.


  1. Classic H

As this is the month of love, this Classic H is especially dear to our hearts.  Compact and stylish, this  heated towel rail lends itself to being used as a pair for the main bathroom.  While drawing attention to its neat uncluttered design, the paired setting introduces a sense of symmetry and balance.

What we love most about the Classic H

The Classic H answers the call of romance, indulging you with a luxurious supply of toasty towels that are soft and dry.  Available in a choice of sizes (460mm x 400mm; 460 mm x 520mm; 460 mmx 620mm), the inviting warmth of this novel design allows it to grace different sized bathrooms, bringing  a sense of harmony and balance which adds a definitive “oomph” to your bathroom style.


  1. The colours of love

The choice of heated towel rails found in a variety of trendy shades gives a nod to the fact that colour is a key element of the bathroom.  In answer to this, the on-trend palette of the Jeeves’ towel warmers presents an array of shades to harmonise with different themes and bathroom designs.

What we love most about the Jeeves finishes

The towel warmer with a striking black matt finish adds to the continuity of the room, creating visual flow with similarly coloured accessories to add a unifying effect in the room.  If you are wanting a more tranquil option, the white finish is ideal for creating a spa-like effect.

On the other hand, the pearl gold brings a vibrancy, creating the opportunity of colour accents which highlight different areas in the room,  while the antique rose gold brings a soft touch which is welcoming and warm.

The matt brushed finish is a perfect option in keeping with the trendy neutral shades of grey, while the mirror polish gives a metal look with a timeless appeal.

Finishing touches

Valentine’s month is the perfect time for transforming your bathroom into a romantic oasis of pampering.  And, with soft indulgences of inviting warmth combined with an unparalled aesthetic effect, the heated towel rail makes it all so easy, paving the way to celebrate this month of love in style.

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