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Bathrooms Jun 20, 2024

Grohe: Water-Saving features To Shower with a clear conscience

Using water with care is imperative:  almost two-thirds (64%) of people questioned in a recent survey believe that using less water individually makes a difference to the environment. So how can we actively make a difference in the bathroom? Grohe shares some water-saving innovations to help you use the bathroom with a clear conscience.

With the bathroom accounting for over two-thirds of daily water use people are beginning to rethink their showering habits. Internationally, 65% of respondents say they already changed or plan to change their habits, resulting in shorter or less frequent showers>

This raises the question: Do we have to sacrifice comfort to make a difference, or can we still enjoy a shower with a clear conscience and without fear of the bills to come? Backed by nearly 90 years of manufacturing expertise, GROHE, one of the leading global brands for complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings, offers solutions that allow consumers to enjoy their shower experience, while saving water and money.


  1. The water-saving GROHE EcoJoy technology for hand and head showers as well as faucets helps to decrease water consumption. It is available on numerous models across most of all style and price segments such as the GROHE Tempesta or the GROHE Euphoria shower systems. A flow limiter reduces the water flow without sacrificing performance or comfort by up to 50 percent. conventional hand shower.
  2. With GROHE TurboStat technology included in various GROHE models, the thermostat maintains a constant water temperature throughout the showering process and compensates for temperature peaks to prevent scalding.


These solutions are just one part of GROHE’s commitment to taking care of every drop of water. With a staggering 47% of people saying they don’t know enough about how to reduce water consumption, there is a clear need for the brand to continue raising awareness of the mindful use of this precious resource.

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