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Bathrooms Mar 11, 2024

Greening the Throne: Sustainable Lecico Bathroom Innovations for Eco-Conscious Choices

Bathrooms: where eco-conscious choices meet every day routines. Make your bathroom a sanctuary of sustainability, simply and easily with Lecico.

Here are a few useful tips to incorporate a more eco approach in your bathroom…

Sustainable materials

Try to use sustainable materials in your bathroom, such as vitreous china ceramics; bamboo; brass; and reclaimed wood.

Reduce water consumption

Opt for toilets that have water-saving flush options. Every flush really does count. By switching to water-saving flush toilets, you not only reduce your water bills, but you also help protect and preserve our precious environment.

Avoid harsh and toxic cleaning chemicals

Choosing gentler bathroom cleaning alternatives is a powerful choice for our planet. Opting for eco-friendly options, such as vinegar, baking soda, or plant-based cleaners, ensures that your cleaning routine is both effective and eco-conscious. Ditching the harsh chemicals reduces our environmental footprint, and safeguards aquatic life, soil health, and air quality.

Lecico Rimless Toilets: A Smarter Choice for Greener Bathrooms


Lecico is committed to protecting and preserving our planet. The Rimless Toilets Range is one way in which the brand strives towards a greener, cleaner, and healthier environment.

Sustainability with Vitreous China:

Made from durable, long-lasting, and recyclable vitreous china, our rimless toilets embody the spirit of eco-conscious living. With a commitment to sustainability, our toilets not only reduce waste but also minimise environmental impact.

“Beyond its aesthetic and functional appeal, vitreous china has emerged as a sustainable choice in sanitaryware manufacturing. Its longevity, resistance to chemical degradation, and recyclability contribute to a reduced environmental footprint. As the industry places an increasing emphasis on sustainability, vitreous china stands out as a material that aligns with both aesthetic aspirations and eco-conscious values.” – LinkedIn Article: “Unveiling the Art and Science: Tracing the Origin and Evolution of Vitreous China in Sanitaryware Manufacturing.” The Sanitaryware Chronicles. Published December 19, 2023.

Targeted Flush, Reduced Water:

Experience the power of a targeted flush that uses significantly less water than traditional toilets. The rimless design ensures a precise, efficient flush, saving precious water with every use.

Dual Flush Water Saving:

Choose between a big or small flush with our dual-flush technology, further reducing your water consumption.


Rimless Hygienic Innovation:

Embrace a cleaner, healthier lifestyle without harsh chemicals. The rimless design eliminates hidden crevices where bacteria thrive, making cleaning a breeze. Throw away the abrasive chemicals and embrace an eco-friendlier approach to hygiene.

Lecico … beautiful bathrooms, sustainably. For more information – Lecico / info@lecicosa.co.za

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