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Bathrooms Jun 22, 2024

Experience Luxury Beyond Measure Throughout Your Home with DADOquartz


When designing a home, functionality, and enduring quality matter most.  DADOquartz, a proudly South African brand synonymous with unparalleled elegance and durability, offers versatile solutions for spaces throughout your home. From bathtubs to basins, shower floors to kitchen butler sinks, DADOquartz elevates any room’s modern style and aesthetical functionality.


Nothing quite parallels the quality of DADOquartz in your home. The smooth, non-porous surface is easy to clean and retains heat, ensuring a pristine home experience. The addition of DADOquartz to your spaces such as a freestanding basin in your entertainment area and freestanding prep bowls to your kitchen counters for a well-structured and functional living areas.


The shower floor is the DADOquartz answer to maintaining continuity of elegance and practical functionality in your bathroom. DADOquartz shower floors feature a 100% solid surface that provides traction while keeping your bathroom modern and in style. With sizing options to suit your home, you can achieve a seamless, spa-like shower experience tailored to your space.


Modern aesthetics and smooth finishes marry in beautiful splendour in the kitchen with DADOquartz butler sinks. These deep, durable sinks are perfect for handling daily kitchen tasks with ease. Whether washing dishes or preparing ingredients, the smooth solid surface and modern fluted design make for a contemporary addition to any kitchen.

From the bathroom to the kitchen, DADOquartz offers a seamless blend of luxury and functionality. Its enduring beauty and practicality make it an investment in the enjoyment and value of your home backed by the DADOquartz Lifetime Warranty.

Elevate every corner of your home with the luxury and quality of DADOquartz today.
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