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Renovating Your Bathroom? Hansgrohe Has An Easy Solution

As lockdown continues, many South Africans have taken to renovating their homes and if you have decided that it’s time to build your dream bathroom, Hansgrohe can help you add an extra dimension of unparalleled luxury and style to that all-important room.


Metropol mixer

Renovating can be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Hansgrohe products are made with easy installation in mind. You can even upgrade your bathroom without having to rip out walls and plaster. Hansgrohe exposed installation mixers, designed for your shower and bath, are no-fuss alternatives to complex installation problems and the perfect lockdown DIY project.

What does “exposed” mean?

Hansgrohe all-in-one exposed systems allow you to renovate your bathroom with far less effort and minimal mess. It’s as simple as installing the exposed units using existing connections. All connection dimensions are standardised, so all Hansgrohe taps and showers will fit into your wall.

Modern design meets infinite practicality and functionality with the exposed range of mixers and shower systems. Sleek and visually striking, they transform your shower or bath into your own personal spa at home. For the shower, the exposed thermostatic mixer and hand shower are a great combination and for an even more luxurious shower experience with an extra touch of comfort, a broader showerhead, and flow that will massage you with water, an exposed shower system is the ideal fit to bring form and function together. In the bath, the bath filler makes for perfect control of your water flow every time.

Exposed fittings seamlessly integrate the thermostatic mixers into the wall, saving space and creating a modern, elegant and understated look. Minimalist design gives you more freedom of movement in the shower or bath. Exposed installation mixers come in a variety of choices to suit any aesthetic or budget.

Stylish Logis mixer with luxurious hand held shower

Single lever mixers

From unobtrusive basic models to avant-garde luxury mixers, single lever mixers offer perfect control of your water flow. Combine your new mixer with a Hansgrohe hand shower and shower rail to finish off your preferred look.

Thermostatic mixers

Exposed thermostatic mixers are high-tech on the inside but safe and simple to operate on the outside. They reliably regulate your water temperature for maximum comfort in the shower and bath, and all while protecting you from any unpleasant temperature changes or burns due to the 400 temperature lock.

Sleek and beautiful Logis mixers


With an exposed unit, you can install an overhead shower without having to damage the wall and experience up to three jet types on the hand and overhead shower, with easy water control.

Make your lockdown DIY project dreamwork with Hansgrohe’s exposed range of mixers and showers and experience water on a whole new level.

For more inspiration and design ideas, visit the Hansgrohe Inspiration Page and start planning your dream kitchen or bathroom today.

Sleek and beautiful Logis mixers

Hansgrohe – sustainable by design!

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