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Bathrooms Jan 17, 2021

Re-new. Re-set. Re-think with Italtile

Re-new. Re-set. Re-think. Re-imagine. Re-novate. Re-build! IT’S GOING TO BE 2021-DERFUL.

So the plenty-plenty that 2020 promised us turned out to be mountains of misery and general mayhem at home. But in true South African fashion, we clawed our way through and graduated from the Gloria Gaynor School of Survival with flying colours.

We made it, gang! And honestly, there’s nothing we can’t handle now, whatever this bright, shiny new year brings. While we’re grateful for so much that 2020 brought, we’re over the moon to welcome in another 365 days of possibility and renewal.

This January, so much of New awaits you at Italtile, and we can’t wait to help you reimagine your way through a 2021-derful renovation, rebuild or new build. Here’s a taste of what’s to come.

Re-imagine with uView. Italtile’s tech team just gave birth to uView, a totally new online tool to help you view any number of our gorgeous tile ranges, one by one, ‘installed’ in your reno or build space, before you choose the one that works for you. It’s imaginative, it’s inspirational and it’s easy-peasy to try before you buy. Simply select your room style, select a tile, try a colourway or size… try another tile, and another, till you fall in love. It’s like a virtual changing room, open 24/7. Hop onto uView here: https://www.italtile.co.za/uview-how-to

Re-fresh with Retro. Freshly unpacked and waiting for your re-flooring project is the brilliant new Retro tile range. Made in the Rep of SA, this lekker local range remasters the ancient art of cementine patchwork using future-forward digital inkjet technology. Retro features soft, natural honey and greige tones in a single multi-patterned ‘face’. The range is remarkable for its shade variance of V3 – which means the design and intensity of the tones differ slightly from tile to tile, to recreate a sense of artisanal brushwork.


Retro will totally rock your floor, feature wall, patio area, kitchen splash back or countertop. This tile’s timeless style means it will make itself at home very successfully in any environment: be it urban, modern, boho chic, natural, rustic or contemporary… and it won’t date. It’s easy to clean and durable, to offer you years of pleasure. Why not try before you buy with uView.

Re-jig with a quick mini reno. Perhaps you haven’t the time or the budget for a full reno. You can still afford a quick, fabulous facelift. In a few slick moves, you can change up your bathroom with super-elegant new Semplice accessories.

Semplice Chiara

Their contemporary Chiara range showcases simplicity and high-end quality. Fabulously unfussy, lovely to look at, simply delightful to touch, and exclusive to Italtile. View the range here: (link), but while you’re about it, cast your eyes over on Dominus and Zack ranges too. Literally, a little something for every taste and price bracket.

Re-look your reflection. The new, ultra-glam Glow Time mirror by Affirmations is a deluxe LED supermodel of a mirror, and it’s another Italtile exclusive, custom-designed for us. It’s activated by your movement. Wait, what? Yep, you can literally turn it on just by your nearness.

Re-imagined marble and wood. Over 600 years ago, the grand masters of the early Italian Renaissance pioneered a technique called Intarsia; a magnificent marriage of rich, rare fruit woods and delicately veined Italian marbles. Later on,  French and English artisans reworked it into what became known as ‘marquetry’. The startling combination of cool and warm tones created unbelievable 3-D ‘trompe-l’oeil’ (optical illusions) on floors, walls and furniture.


Today, the grand masters of modern ceramics – Sant’Agostino – have reimagined the high art of Intarsia with their unique, utterly drop-dead-gorgeous Intarsi range of porcelain tiles. Seeing is believing! (See Range Here)

A re-freshing tap range. The hot new tap sensation is matt black, and those tapology wizards over at Tivoli really know their way around the trend. Their new Prato range really is the Coco Chanel of taps. Fashion-forward and totally fabulous, these inky, velvety beauties are also waterwise, and they’ll weave their black magic and enchant you. View the range here: (See Range Here)

Re-newed hope. While it’s nothing new to seasoned Italtile customers, our work with The Little Optimist Trust may be news to our rookie Italstylistas. Follow the link below; we believe it will inspire you to join Greg Meek and his big-hearted helpers who do great work for at-risk children and youth in the Cape, via their brave little Optimist boats. Read how The Little Optimist Trust helps to keep hope afloat.

Right, that’s the whole Re-new rant over. We’ll leave you to browse all the new beauty so you can re-think your home décor.

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