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Bathrooms Jun 18, 2022

Paintsmiths: 5 Green Colourways For Your Winter Bathroom

We love warm, dramatic, winter bathrooms in statement colourways like green. Think botanical greens and dark emeralds, soft mint hues and jewel-toned olives. Greenery provides a perfect backdrop for a blissful winter bathroom. Let’s take a look at some of the colour inspiration from Paintsmiths.

No matter what the trends are, greenery is always at the epicentre of design. In fact, we continue to see greenery as a statement colour in the bathroom this winter. Why? Because this calming colour has the power to enhance a serene room and can help create a tranquil, nature-inspired bathroom retreat.

Here are five shades to inspire your own bathroom transformations in 2022…

Botanical Greens

Bring the outdoors in with beautiful botanical greens in a lush, vibrant finish. This is sure to bring life and renewed energy into your bathroom. A great way to get that Meditteranean holiday vibe in your bathroom all year-long! A leafy print or botanical green accessories can help to create the ambience. Don’t be scared to incorporate this shade into a smaller guest loo for real impact.

Emerald Greens

Darker shades of green can help to create a more dramatic and elegant look in a modern bathroom, especially throughout the winter months. Choose dark green as a backsplash or shower surround to complement the look. Emerald and deeper dark green shades are also a great way to make your bathroom pop and present your own unique personality in the space.

Light Sage

If you’re looking for understated elegance, light sage is the perfect colour to infuse life and style into your bathroom. Sage is without a doubt, a very serene colour and it is thus perfect in a bathroom. Sage on the walls will bring a sense of calm into your space. If you’re already painting the walls a beautiful deep sage, why not opt to coat the cabinets in the same colourway? Sage often pops against wooden or metallic accents. A metal light fitting or a wooden vanity can therefore bring out the richness of this tone.

Mint Green

Mint is certainly a more energetic colour than sage, but not as dramatic as emerald. If you want to create a vibrant feel to start your morning off right, choose bold, tropical-inspired palettes and invigorating shades of mint. Mint is also a little bit retro and certainly suffices as a come-back colour from eras past. However, today we’re seeing splashes of mint as an invigorating colour in that master ensuite. Paired with crisp white finishes, it is fresh and inspired – even throughout the winter months!


On the darker, warmer side, olive green definitely offers a sophisticated, earthy aesthetic and undeniable appeal to any space, including bathrooms. Olive paint on your bathroom walls is another way to welcome nature indoors. The warm undertones present in olive will help to create a cosy spa-like space that you can enjoy year-round.

Green is certainly an inspired shade. One that offers endless possibilities in a modern bathroom. Find your perfect colour match at Paintsmiths.

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