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Bathrooms Sep 10, 2021

OXO Bathrooms: 10 Ways To Create A Luxe Bathroom

We could all do with a little more luxury in our lives! Taking our cue from international trends and luxury boutique hotels, we bring you 10 ways to create a luxe bathroom at home.

Luxury living definitely starts at home. When we design intimate spaces in the home, such as a functional bathroom, we should consider the way we feel when using these rooms. Does your space spark joy, serenity, and a sense of calm? If not, it’s time to reconsider your interior and create a luxe bathroom experience.

Here’s 10 ways to up the luxe factor in your bathroom…

1. A Spa Bath

Yes, showers are great for everyday use, saving water and easy cleaning… but nothing says luxury living better than a spa bath. Consider a corner bath with all the jets for added comfort in your master suite. A more contemporary option is a freestanding tub. One in which to soak away all the aches and pains after a day at the office. A little indulgence goes a long way!

2. A Bold Light

Lighting will definitely set the tone in a luxe bathroom. Why not splurge on a beautiful chandelier as a centrepiece in the room! Added pendants or wall-mounted lights near your bathroom vanity can also help to create a more intimate and luxurious look in this space.

3. Choose High-End Fixtures

Bathroom sanitaryware is important in the overall look of your space. Choose high-end pieces – quality is key here. Trending fixtures include brass, matt black and brushed metallic taps. This will give your bathroom added shine.

4. A Statement Mirror

Choose a mirror as a focal point in the bathroom. A bold shape or frame can give it added definition. Double vanity? Why not incorporate two matching mirrors for added glam.

5. Mix Materials

Create added texture in your luxe bathroom with a blend of materials. Choose from trending materials such as stone, marble and porcelain tiles.

6. Add Greenery

Bring the outdoors in with fresh greenery and plants. This is a great way to give your bathroom a natural texture, fresh colour and a vibrant feel.


7. Add Artwork

Create a custom look in your bathroom with a surprising artwork. A large framed abstract piece can become a statement in your bathroom. It can also tie into your colour scheme and take your design to the next level.

8. Go electronic

Typically electronics and bathrooms do not always go together. However, if properly installed, you can create a superior luxe bathroom experience with a TV mounted in your master suite. Imagine hours in the tub while catching up on your favourite shows! Sounds like heaven…

9. Splurge on Window Treatments

A high-end luxe bathroom requires high-end luxe window treatments. Choose a beautiful finish to complete your look. Whether custom blinds or shutters – the right choice will help you create a private retreat from the outside world.

10. Add the heat

A bathroom is a place where you can afford to splurge and make your dreams a reality. We’re thinking a fireplace would be the ultimate spoil in this room. However, a few additions like underfloor heating or heated towel rails may be the elements you need to give your luxe space a more cosy feel.

The OXO bathroom range combines simple Italian style with exclusive luxury. If you’re looking for the latest finishes, products and trends, then give them a shout. OXO’s 3 step complimentary bathroom design service can help you bring your bathroom dreams to life. Receive expert design advice, product recommendations, and input on the best layout to suit your needs. All images from Bathroom Butler available  from  OXO Bathrooms

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