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Bathrooms Mar 22, 2024

 On Tap : sanctuary for all

Your home is the ultimate expression of you so what better way to express your personality than in your home, a sanctuary for all to see! An effortless way to achieve this is through the addition of colour! Explore more with On Tap Plumbing and Bathrooms.

According to experts, the top colour trends for 2024 include a combined palette of greens, blues and browns with a focus on a botanical theme as an end result. However, bold colours are also making a return with the emergence of deep tones such as emerald green, sapphire blue, hues of plum, maroon and burgundy, alongside rich autumn tones such as dark browns, warm honey and burnt orange, all of which make an appearance in trend forecasts and exude dramatic opulence!

Some key considerations when looking to add colour is to make sure you follow the colour wheel and select complementary colours as your palette, always select three colours as a foundation paired with two neutrals to balance it out, and don’t use the same colour more than three times. It’s also important to draw inspiration from your home interior and your preferred style aesthetic for it all to come together.

So if colour is your thing, it is evident that you’re spoilt for choice! The question is how to incorporate it to achieve the ultimate on-trend style statement?

You can opt for an unexpected route and experiment with coloured vanities, colour-coordinated fixtures and fittings, decorative wallpapers and accessories in bold complimentary colours that will undoubtedly add drama and stylish opulence to the likes of your bathrooms. Or you can choose coloured kitchen cupboards paired with patterned tiles or splashbacks, and colourful countertops complemented with subtle and sophisticated sinks and mixers to add some contrast.

At On Tap, we are on hand to bring your vision to life and help you to be the master of your own creation! With our combined range of beautiful bathroom and kitchen fixtures and fittings available in custom colours, along with our expert industry knowledge, we can help you achieve a bespoke bathroom or kitchen design resulting in a focal feature that will prove to be the ultimate colour-crowd-pleaser!

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