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Bathrooms Jun 11, 2021

On Tap: Plumbing Tips

With the cold weather looming, frost and freezing weather conditions can prove problematic! Most pipes cannot endure the increased pressure when water within them freezes, causing exposed pipes to burst or leak. Here are some tips on how you can prevent a burst water pipe from bursting your bubble this winter! 

A Few Do’s That Don’t Burst Your Bubble!

  • Don’t neglect leaky pipes. Get them fixed right away.
  • Remember to turn off outside water valves to prevent frozen pipes during the winter months.
  • You’ll also want to prepare outside drainage.

Complete Regular Maintenance To Ensure Plumbing Is In Order

Regular checks can help you avoid unnecessary problems during winter.

Thermal Pipe Insulation Can Significantly Reduce Risk

If you’re worried about pipes freezing and causing other issues around your property, you may want to consider thermal pipe insulation. This will help to keep your pipes at the same temperature as the water inside the pipe itself. Subsequently, it can help to reduce the risk of pipes freezing or bursting.

Planning A Trip Away? Turn Off The Water Supply By Closing The Main Water Valve

Drain your pipes if they will not be in use for an extended period. This will help to keep the water from freezing during those colder days and may prevent damage.

Fit superior products and rest assured that your plumbing won’t cause unwanted heartache in the future. Shop a range of products at On Tap – for quality fittings, fixtures and brands!

On Tap.

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