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Bathrooms Dec 11, 2020

On Tap: It’s A Bathtub Party Kinda Day

It’s been a long and hard year and we all deserve some pampering. Why not take a break and enjoy a bathtub party day to soak away the stresses of 2020. On Tap has you covered with a wide range of bathtubs – whether a corner, built-in or freestanding tub tickles your fancy! Just add bubbles, light some candles, grab your favourite book, and enjoy! 

The Corner Bath

The corner bath is the epitome of luxury. Imagine soaking in a spa-like corner tub and refreshing mind and body! The beauty of a corner bath is that it doesn’t need the same wall space as a straight bath – it doesn’t typically require the long wall space that a built-in bath may need. Simply tuck it into a corner in your bathroom and allow it to become a feature in your home.

Boasting generous proportions and smooth curved lines, a corner bath looks elegance, oozes luxurious opulence and is a stylish choice for any bathroom, especially a master bath!

The Built-In Bath

Built-in baths have been the more popular and practical choice for family homes over the years. When buying or selling a house, many families will look for a bath – the ideal option for a growing family with young kids. Built-in baths are also typically easier to clean. You won’t have to worry about the kids dropping off their bath toys behind the bath or a build-up of grime and spider webs in out-of-reach areas. The built-in bath is usually low maintenance and suits most bathrooms.

According to designers, built-in baths are usually practical and good for smaller, tighter plans and you can add interest by tiling around with mosaics or a natural stone tile. You can also create a more in-ground feel, which can create simplicity in a busier family bathroom.

The Freestanding Bath

If you’re hoping to create a statement bathroom, the freestanding bath is a good choice. This is a feature in any bathroom and will instantly add a wow factor to your space. According to the experts, choosing a bath is a personal choice, but freestanding baths are gaining popularity in modern homes. If you have a larger bathroom, or a bigger budget to create your dream ensuite, then a freestanding tub is always a winner!

At On Tap, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the perfect bath and accessories to bring style to your bathroom.

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