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Bathrooms Jun 10, 2022

On Tap: A Little Luxury with Heated Towel Rails

Nothing beats snuggling into the warmth of a toasty towel after your shower or bath… especially in the chilly months upon us. This winter why not treat yourself to the ultimate bathroom accessory – a heated towel rail. Choose from the extensive range available from On Tap. Kick the chill to touch with one of these little luxuries!

Image Jeeves Heated

We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about heated towel rails so you can make an informed choice for your bathroom.

Ever wondered how heated towel rails work?

Heated towel rails are designed to run on the lowest wattage possible. This is done without compromising comfort. When you place your towels on the rail, it insulates the rail and absorbs the heat. The rails, therefore, heat up quickly and running costs are quite minimal.

Electric Towel Rails connect directly to the existing electrical circuit. This means that electric towel rails should be hardwired by a qualified electrician. This is usually a speedy task for a pro and one that doesn’t involve lengthy callouts or expensive fees. There is subsequently no plumbing involved with electric towel rails.

Modern heated towel rails may also offer built-in temperature control such as a Personal Temperature Selection (PTSelect) Switch. This means you can personalise your heated towel rail by adjusting the temperature to what suits you the best. Having a built-in controller with temperature adjustment can help you make the most out of your heated towel rack. You can subsequently increase the temperature in winter and reduce it in summer for all year round use. In addition, you can switch on/off manually or programme it to do so automatically. This means more control as your heated towel rail will only run when you need it to and therefore save electricity.

What are some of the other benefits?

Besides a warm, toasty towel on those cold winter evenings, dry towels also mean less bacteria. Many top branded heated towel rails are designed specifically for this purpose. Bathroom Butler, for example, typically uses Rapid Heating technology which means the rails can reach optimum drying temperature within 10 to 15 minutes. Towels subsequently dry within 4 to 5 hours when folded into four layers, trapping the heat underneath the towels. Consequently, this results in 90% less bacterial build-up.

Designed with the environment in mind, heated towel rails also use very little electricity. Bathroom Butler’s heated towel rails use between 40 to 180 Watts depending on the size, which is equivalent to one or two conventional light bulbs. What’s
more is that you can reduce electricity consumption even further by switching on and off as required, with built-in switches.

PTSelect Switch

With the Personal Temperature Selection Switch, you can adjust the temperature and switch ON / OFF reducing running costs by up to 60%.

TDC Timer

A built-in Total Digital Control Timer can be programmed to switch ON and OFF automatically as needed reducing running costs by up to 75%.

Add a little luxury to your bathroom with a Heated Towel Rail. Shop the wide selection at On Tap.



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