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Bathrooms Aug 13, 2022

On Tap: 5 Ways To Relax and Rejuvenate

Make ‘me time’ a priority and try out some of these bathroom rituals to refocus and gain balance in life.

Schedule down time

Life is busy and a moment of solace is sometimes all it takes to reset your body and mind. However, you may need to plan ahead and schedule a time to take that bubble bath or body scrub in the shower. Self-care is a vital part of life and should not be overlooked, so if life is feeling a little chaotic, why not plot a little me time into your calendar and ensure you get that relaxing bath you deserve!

Set the scene

If you want to feel transported to a luxury spa retreat, you have to recreate it for yourself at home. Think candles, diffusers and bath bombs to invigorate the senses. Get the playlist ready to unwind, dim the lights and close the door. You’ll thank us later when you’re feeling soothed and back in control of things!

Invest in luxury bath products

If you struggle to unwind and need some extra help, why not invest in a good bath scrub and body products to help feel refreshed? Bath oils are a wonderfully refreshing treat. The right products can also help to soothe aching muscles and moisturise the body. Include a good massage with these oils to truly relieve some stress. Make this a regular part of your self-care regime.

Say no to distractions

Schedule time that is free from distractions. No children to bug you for assistance; no family members or work colleagues needing attention! Drown out the noise and focus on positive energy. Your thoughts are a powerful weapon and thinking good thoughts can help to transform you – from the inside out.

Take all the time you need

Don’t rush the process. Sometimes an hour-long soak is a worthy investment. Forget about the stresses of everyday life. Close the door and enjoy a relaxing moment. You deserve it!

We may not all have 5-star luxury spas in the comfort of our own homes, but we can set the scene for a truly magical experience. If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom, visit On Tap and find a range of quality products and finishes to make the most of your bathroom. Their on-hand specialists will gladly advise you on the best choices to suit your space.

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