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Bathrooms Jun 25, 2020

Mint Designer Renovations: 5 Tips For Your Next Bathroom Reno

Bathrooms are one of the more commonly renovated areas in the home. A place used daily by the entire family, the bathroom needs to be a functional and appealing space. If you’re thinking about redoing this room in the house, make use of our top designer tips to ensure a designer finish in your bathroom.

1. Don’t skimp on finishes

Choose bathroom finishes that will last and not date. Go for neutrals and avoid passing fads when it comes to sanitary-ware and the colour choices of your finishes. Create a timeless bathroom with neutrals and quality finishes to ensure the longevity of your bathroom. This will also make your home easier to sell when the time comes. Nobody likes a dated or dull bathroom when buying a new home!

2. Choose flawless flooring

Ensure that you pick the right flooring for your bathroom. Not all finishes are made equal and your new bathroom flooring will need to endure moisture, foot fall and soapy grime. Tiles are often a great option as these are essentially maintenance free, but modern vinyl flooring has also come a long way in terms of durability and a water-proof finish for the bathroom.

3. Consider the layout before you start your reno

Bathrooms are typically some of the smallest rooms in the house, and yet, they need to cater for all your needs. Consider the layout of your new bathroom and what will work best in the available space. Where will the plumbing be located and will that dream tub fit into your new design? Be sure to speak to a professional for advice before you start.

4. Lighting is everything

Is there anything worse than a small bathroom without any natural light or ventilation? We certainly do not want to recreate that claustrophobic feel, so ensure that your new bathroom has access to ample natural lighting and additional artificial lighting to meet your needs. If you do not have a decent sized window in your new bathroom, invest in a quality bathroom fan to ensure adequate ventilation. Lighting will make any bathroom a more functional room and can instantly brighten up a space.

5. Choose the right vanity and storage

We could all do with more storage in the home. The bathroom is one room where we can certainly maximize storage. Your choice of vanity could add storage to the bathroom. However, if space is limited, why not make use of the walls to add hooks, shelves and more. An arrangement of crates or baskets can also add to the overall look.



If you’re after professional advice and design expertise, Sue Lloyd-Roberts heads up a hands-on, committed team of dedicated professionals who tackle Mint’s projects with respect, energy and knowledge that make the entire process run smoothly. The team’s complementary skills create a synergy that can partner your own approach and turn your vision into reality.

Mint’s signature designs include a clean, crisp, beautiful transformation of living spaces to bathroom renovations.

“It’s our passion, and it’s what our clients embrace. With over thirty years’ combined experience in the interior décor and renovation industry, Mint has a proven track record of excellence, from conceptualisation and design to execution of the highest standard. Mint is your go-to team, no matter whether you want a comprehensive décor update, a top-to-toe rebuild, or just a revamp of your guest loo.”

Contact Mint for input to bring your new bathroom to life.

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