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Matching a heated towel rail with your bathroom style

Your choice of style is instrumental in personalising your bathroom, making it a unique place of indulgence in your own private sanctuary.  And nothing makes this space more your own than completing your bathroom pampering with a heavenly heated warm towel.  In this space time is suspended as you turn your attention away from the world to indulge in some well-deserved time out.

Having been adding the delightful touch of a heated towel rail for the last 25 years, Jeeves knows a thing or two about transforming your bathroom into an oasis of calm and indulgence.  And if you’re wondering just how to do just that, we take a look at finding the perfect heated towel rail for your bathroom style.

Jeeves Tangent L Heated Ladder Rail

Spa effect

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to melt away your cares, surrounded by the gentle relaxing ambience of a spa?  Think of drifting off into a bubble filled eutopia, topped by the decadent warm softness of white fluffy towels, all in the comfort of your own home, so that you get to experience this blissful serenity every day.  And if you’re looking for a heated towel rail to complete this mood then look no further than the Jeeves Tangent M. With the perfect combination of a horizontal bar designed to show off your rolled up crisp white towels, complemented by its vertical bar for your bath towel, you are all set to indulge your senses and emerge relaxed and invigorated from your spa-like pampering.

Tangent M Heated Towerl Rail


Chic.  Uncluttered. This is the modern bathroom inspired by the minimalist trend. In case you’re wondering just how to add that spark of pampering, look no further than the Spartan F.  With a sophistication that speaks of effortless simplicity, this beauty brings a sense of spaciousness into the room while spoiling you with a continuous supply of deliciously heated towels, warmed up to perfection.  At over a metre in length, the Spartan F is a striking design. With straight edges and sleek finishes of the modern style, this innovative model exudes serenity, completing your bathroom space with a bespoke look of luxury and trendsetting simplicity.

Spartan F Heated Towerl Rails.j


The Jeeves Quadro P presents the meeting place of elegance spiced up with an edgier modern feel. With curved horizontal bars contrasted against a geometric square frame, this contemporary rail sparks intrigue, inviting the design experimentation associated with the contemporary bathroom.  Focusing on the mesmerising impact of resolving the tension when opposites interact, this eye-catching design offers an exploration of balance, elevating the bathroom experience into an interplay of finding harmony through contrasts.  Whether you choose to emphasise the feminine round curves of the bars or the more defined angular design of the frame, the result becomes a compelling counterpoint of juxtaposing elements which bring a vibrancy to your bathroom space.


Quadro P520 Heated Towerl Rail


Wondering just how to add an extra touch of glam to your bathroom?  Look no further than the Spartan Boxx to create an oasis of optimal comfort and luxury.  Standing as a set of 5 spacious horizontal bars encased within a majestic square frame, this design inspires the relaxed ambiance associated with luxury and pampering.  The result is a heated towel rail with a stylish, unforgettable presence, reminiscent of a mesmerising framed piece of art. With the added attraction of providing you with toasty towels, you are guaranteed of a sumptuous experience, transforming your bathroom time into a haven of luxurious indulgence, an ideal way to unwind at the end of each day.  


Statement Bathroom

If you live life with the motto ‘go big or go home’, then you are more than likely to enjoy the bold, exciting design of the Jeeves Tangent L Ladder Rail.  While this design is set to impress with its dramatic height of 1890 mm, its accompanying aesthetic impact creates a wow effect, taking your eyes on a gorgeous adventure. As an artistic disruption of an everyday object, the Ladder Rail is naturally positioned as a breath-taking centrepiece, stealing the show with a visual display where the element of surprise blends with this captivating silhouette. There is something infinitely freeing to allow yourself the freedom of self-expression and this innovative design allows you to do just that, adding your personal stamp to your bathroom décor.


Wrapping up

As an oasis where we unwind in the evening or build momentum to see us through the day ahead, the bathroom plays a pivotal role in our lives. Style is a key part of this experience, creating the atmosphere that sets the overall mood.

And whatever the style or theme of your bathroom, there’s a matching heated towel rail to add that extra touch, crowning the look and your time out with a sense of completion that you deserve.

Spartan Boxx Heated Towerl Rail

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