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Bathrooms Mar 24, 2022

Mambo’s Storage & Home: Bathroom Hacks You Want To Try

Stuck on storage? Here are 8 easy storage hacks to try at home and make the most of your space. We’re also sharing some of our favourite storage picks from Mambos.

Look up!

Small bathroom? No problem. Look up. Vertical space and wall space is often underutilized in a bathroom. Install a shelf above the door, or use hooks, hanging rods and more to maximise wall storage in your bathroom.

Organise your laundry

Don’t clutter your bathroom with laundry. Create a designated laundry area or room that keeps the clutter at bay. Nobody wants to walk into a messy (or worse – smelly) laundry space to get their clothing sorted and washed. Why not create a more visually pleasing laundry space with the right storage solutions. Modern baskets in neutral tones offer a contemporary edge. Add a shelf for detergents, plastic storage for additional utensils like pegs and hangers, and some greenery for a fresh burst of colour in this space.

Behind the door

Another space that is often wasted in a small room or bathroom – is behind your door. Clever over the door hangers now offer countless additional storage for things like toiletries, towels and more in a small bathroom. Simple over the door hooks can also be used instead of bulky towel rails, as needed.

Clear out the sink or vanity cupboard

We all have that one cupboard below the kitchen sink or bathroom vanity that is usually overflowing with cleaning materials and more. Why not spend some time and DIY a special and organised storage space here. One you will be proud of. Use hooks and attachments inside the doors to hang items. Add a shelf or basket storage to separate your cleaning materials and create a more orderly space.

Mount Magnetic Strips

Install a magnetic strip to the inside of a cabinet door or the side of a counter to help you keep track of smaller items like bobby pins and hair clips in your dressing room or bathroom. The metal pins will stay attached to the strip until you need them next! The magnetic strip can also be used for small tools like tweezers and nail clippers.

Sort out that makeup drawer

If you’re not spoiled with a dressing table or powder room for makeup and hair products, then it’s time to get your makeup drawer organised. A simple drawer organiser will help you access everything you need at the right time. Add hooks and little containers to your designated dressing area and make a customised space that you’ll love. No more makeup mess everywhere!

Double up on multi-functional storage

A small bench that doubles as storage. A bathroom cabinet that doubles as a mirror. These are some practical and inexpensive ways to incorporate multi-functional pieces into your home and up your storage!

Don’t overlook basket storage

Baskets are very handy items for storing smaller items in almost any room. In the bathroom, you can install a few trendy baskets straight onto a wall, or place them below a vanity for added space. Either way, basket storage can help you create a tidy, organised look and feel in your bathroom.

Looking for great storage solutions to make the most of your home? Look no further than Mambo’s Storage and Home. Here you will find innovative storage options to suit any room in the house.

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