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Bathrooms Oct 30, 2022

Maharani Tiles & Bathroom Presents: The Diesel Living Collections

Innovative state-of-the-art designs, attention to every minute detail and exceptional creative freedom of expression. Every aspect of Iris Ceramica collections gives free rein to your imagination, a resource which makes your every wish, every project, possible.

Hard Leather

From ceramic wall coverings to porcelain stoneware floor surfaces and even extra-large format ceramics, Iris Ceramica collections meet any design requirement, both residential and commercial. With contemporary influences, modern inspiration or recalling traditional styles, each Iris Ceramic collection offers a wide selection of colours and designs in a range of formats.

Hard Leather

Modern, innovative and distinctive, Hard Leather reinvents the texture of leather in ceramics, short-circuiting a flawless, balanced effect.


Stage Metal


Metal in the spotlight: Innovative metallic designs forge new structures. Rough imperfections cut across polished surfaces, forging amazing contrasts.

Industrial Glass Industrial overtones

Industrial Glass

Industrial overtones: Like a modern trompe l’oeil effect, industrial-inspired glass is re-imagined in surfaces with thousands of facets, a multi-faceted beautiful effect.

Avant-garde, rough


Avant-garde, rough: An underground mood, recreating the texture of fabric. Camp embodies playful contrasts, rough yet attractive, tactile yet gritty.

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