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Bathrooms Oct 18, 2021

Luxury Design Bathrooms By Maison Valentina

Beautiful luxe bathroom experiences take into account all of the small details. High-end materials, superior finishes, and quality sanitary ware take centre stage here. Let’s uncover luxury design Maison Valentina bathrooms 

Brass as a luxe material of choice

In 2021, brass reappeared in luxurious interior designs showing how to make a design shine through its material. The classy and malleable properties of the metalwork are enhanced by Maison Valentina that creates unique design solutions through handcrafted techniques that glow up any room. Maison  Valentina believes that good design is a journey that should be tailored to the individual and the bathroom to be the vital platform for personalization of the home.

A luxe bathroom can be a truly sensory experience. It, therefore, allows a moment of real introspection and contemplation. Your bathroom should therefore be crafted to blur the line between comfort and design, creating a truly immersive experience and moments of quiet indulgence and private retreat.

The Maison Valentina collections  offer a wide selection of basins and vanities, as well as a range of accessories to dress the perfect bathroom. With just one brand, you will get a complete selection of products to create a unique project.

Explore a world of bathroom design with an innovative selection of the best vanity furniture and the latest trends. 

Newton Free Standing 

Newton a luxury statement  and an outstanding moment of inspiration. For the best in contemporary furniture design mixed up with luxurious details and high quality materials. Newton washbasin is a standout piece of international desire that distinguishes itself from all the other designs by its futuristic forms.

Symphony Bathtub 
With a vision to understand the past and interpret it through cutting-edge technology and contemporary design, Maison Valentina have created this emotional bathtub passionately inspired by music. Handcrafted with the finest materials, this breathtaking piece is of genuine style, ensuring mystery and elegance. The gold-plated brass tubes thus give the needed touch of luxury, making the Symphony bathtub a piece of elevated design. Furthermore, the tub is made of white fiberglass giving it a clean look perfect for any luxury bathroom.

Symphony Bathtub.

Symphony Freestanding

The Symphony Freestanding draws inspiration from church organ tubes, as well as the curves of a violin. Like all of Maison Valentina’s designs, the Symphony Freestanding is handmade by experienced craftsmen, each with different specialties, from metal-work to wood carving. It subsequently features a cluster of polished brass tubes that envelopes an exotic wood structure. Its vessel sink is all made of Nero Marquina Marble with a cogwheel-shaped design.

Symphony Washbasin 

Cutting-edge technology and contemporary design merge in this collection. Furthermore, this stylish washbasin is a beauty – its golden accents give a touch of luxury to every bathroom.

Find these and other luxury bathroom products available from Maison Valentina 



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