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Bathrooms Jun 16, 2022

Leroy Merlin: Say No To Clutter in the Bathroom

Crisp, clean and clutter-free. These are some of the ‘C’ words we’d love to use to describe the ideal bathroom. Make the most of your space with adequate storage and decor for a streamlined and clutter-free bathroom! With all the essentials you need now available from Leroy Merlin, you can transform your bathroom into a modern retreat.

Clear your cabinets

The bathroom cabinet is often a mish-mash of belongings. Whether it is a home for towels and toilet paper, makeup or medication. It can quickly become disorganised and overflowing with clutter.

First, pull out everything in your cabinets and start with a clean slate. If anything is old or expired, now is the time to purge and toss these items. The more you unload, the more space you will have for the items that matter the most.

Sort out items according to function and invest in smaller organizers to keep everything of the same variety together. Makeup organizers are versatile little options that can be neatly stowed away in your cabinets. We particularly love the silicone cosmetic organizer from Leroy Merlin which can be used as a utensil rack or to store your lipsticks, brushes, jewellery and more. In fact, this organizer features a plastic body that is gloss white, and a silicone cover, which makes it super easy to insert and take your lipstick out of the rack. The silicone lid makes it perfect for storing your products, which also provides protection at the same time. It will add such a vibe to your collection!

Declutter your shower

Another space in your bathroom that can easily be overwhelmed with products and soaps, shampoos and body washes, is the shower. Invest in a neat little caddy for this space and keep everything in order. Hanging shower caddies or those with hooks are often a great option. This is a great way to keep things off the shower floor and within easy reach when you need it most.

The Shower 3-tier basket from Leroy Merlin simply hangs on your shower taps so no need to drill. Two suction cups on the back of the product stabilize it and avoid scratching the surface. Made of stainless steel and bamboo, this product is resistant to water and corrosion. Furthermore, its baskets offer a large storage capacity. This product also has a soap holder as well as two hooks for hanging a shower flower, a glove or a brush for example … Small holes in the bottom of the baskets allow water to drain out and avoid stagnation. Furthermore, the bamboo baskets are removable for easy cleaning.


Pack Smartly

Larger bathroom cabinets will need a little TLC to stay organised for longer. If you need to find a home for bulky bottles and tiny cotton swabs alike, incorporate a storage system with customizable parts. Low lying baskets and undersink storage systems can be cleverly configured to fit your space and offer the best storage possible.

We’re thinking of innovative plastic baskets and bins with slide-out drawers that all click and stack together. Take good cabinet measurements and assess what configuration of products will work best for your cabinet and storage needs.

In the end, your bathroom can be both stylish and organized!

Shop some of these featured bathroom storage solutions at Leroy Merlin.


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