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Bathrooms May 28, 2023

Leroy Merlin Presents Beautiful Bathroom Trends on Any Budget

Don’t settle for a boring and uninspired bathroom. Transform it into your stylish, organised and functional personal paradise with these top trends from Leroy Merlin. Here you will find everything you need from the essential fixtures to a wide range of classic and modern fittings, storage solutions and décor elements that will add the perfect finishing touches to your space. Whether you’re after a sleek and modern look or a more traditional aesthetic, this extensive range has got you covered with these four trends…

Inspired by Nature

Elevate your bathroom design and bring the outdoors in, with the timeless and elegant combination of white and wood, inspired by nature which brings depth and visual interest to the space without introducing additional colours. Imagine the warm and inviting feeling you’ll get every time you step into your bathroom, surrounded by the natural beauty of wood tones paired with the clean, crisp brightness of white walls, white tiles, and countertops.

Classic & Clean

A classic and clean bathroom often features neutral colours like white, beige, or grey with simple fixtures such a pedestal sink or a basic vanity with clean lines. The focus is on functionality and practicality rather than elaborate designs. We understand the importance of having enough floor space in your bathroom, which is why we offer raised cabinetry and smart storage ideas that maximise space while keeping the area tidy. Adequate lighting is essential for a classic and clean design to ensure that the space is well-lit, with no dark corners.

Luxury & Glamour

The Glamour Trend in bathroom design is about creating a sense of luxury and indulgence through the use of bold patterns, statement pieces, and high-end fixtures. Black with marble is a popular and sophisticated colour combination for bathrooms that is modern and timeless. The combination of the deep, dark black with the veined white or grey marble creates a striking contrast that can add depth and elegance to any bathroom design. One important consideration when using black with marble in a bathroom is to ensure that there is enough natural or artificial light to prevent the room from feeling too dark. Adding light-coloured accents such as white or light grey, bathmats, or shower curtains can help to balance the darkness of the black and bring a sense of brightness to the space. One popular way to incorporate this colour scheme is to use black fixtures such as taps, showerheads, and towel racks, paired with marble countertops and or flooring.


The Neo-classical trend offers a timeless and sophisticated look, combining classic design elements with modern features and functionality. Add traditional fixtures such as polished chrome or brass taps, showerheads, and towel bars to a neutral colour scheme in a symmetrical layout with pops of colour from accessories to get the signature look. Incorporate marble or stone flooring and countertops, a freestanding bath tub and ensure matching sinks, mirrors, and lighting fixtures to be on trend.

Leroy Merlin’s in-store staff are equipped and available to assist you in overcoming the common challenges when deciding on your bathroom design. Whether it’s budget, limited space, safety concerns, layout challenges or finding the right balance between functionality and style, or even the difficulty in choosing the right fixtures, fittings, and materials, you can discuss your specific requirements.  Let Leroy Merlin help you transform your space into your private oasis that you’ll never want to leave!

Explore the trends at www.leroymerlin.co.za and let your personal expression shine through and create a bathroom that’s uniquely you.

You can also visit their promotions tab for the latest specials: https://leroymerlin.co.za/explore-promotions



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