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Feb 9, 2020

#Koziolove: 10 Inspiring Bathroom Storage Solutions

Time for a bathroom update? Bring in the right storage and transform your space from a cluttered room into a area of bliss in the home. Here we share our favourite finds from Koziol to help add that sparkle back into the bathroom this season.

Big, bigger, biggest! BOTTICHELLI XL is the titan among mere mortal tidies. Incredibly versatile, it is the ideal collector, storer, sorter, presenter and organizer for all things that tend to lead wayward lives of their own around the house. Two handles guarantee easy transport from A to B. And the more, the merrier, thanks to its space-saving stackability! Meet the ultimate jack of all trades!


DEL is a family of containers featuring a clean, standout design – and lots of potential under swing lids. From little as a Lilliputian to tall as a tree, its members stand guard proudly around the house and keep track of anything that needs to be under wraps, for hygienic reasons or otherwise. Even used separately, all five DEL siblings demonstrate individual talent. Yet nothing tops teamwork, and a whole selection of sizes and colours is just the thing for dividing and conquering in style!


BOTTICHELLI Series: a large clan of like-minded professionals whose goal in life is keep houses in order. To master the challenges of chaos, BOTTICHELLI comes in six sizes ranging from XXS to XL, each with its own portfolio of tasks. From compiling to sorting, from storing to transporting, from organizing laundry to picking apples! Taken singly, they are sturdy and packable; taken collectively, they are compact and stackable. And unbeatably versatile. It’s all in the family!


It’s the little things in life that create the most chaos. The BOXXX S storage container offers an elegant and incredibly practical organizational solution. Take, for example, all the bottles, tubes or small cosmetics cluttering up the bathroom. Thanks to its shallow, rectangular proportions, it is also ideal for storing in small cupboards or shelves. And BOXXX is all about family: the S size is designed to twin inside the BOXXX M container. BOXXX is available in 3 sizes.


BOXXX Series presents a complete, intelligently designed product family featuring fantastic functionality. Each of the next-smallest members is designed to twin inside its larger sibling. When this elegant ensemble combines forces, chaos is simply banished. Each size is at home everywhere, which means that the right BOXXX is always on hand – to store and sort laundry, cosmetics or bath toys. You name it! The rectangular shape fits neatly into shelves, and the two handles make for easy maneuvering.

BOXXX series

SURF will ride the tide in the bath, leaving order and convenience in its wake. The curling hook can hang on the bathtub faucet or showerhead. The two slits on the base have twin functions: they let water drain out – and provide an anchor for attaching additional SURFs – and creating an expandable, space-saving organizer for shampoo, shower gel, sponges and more.


This bag does it all! TASCHELINI will gladly carry all those indispensable little things that beg to be toted or stored in style: tubes, tins and flacons, but also brushes and makeup, you name it.

TASCHELINI oceanblue

The Seven Seas might need centuries to create the likes of CORA, but this fascinating organic structure can now be had for the home – instantly! CORA’s sensuous limbs are reminiscent of a beautiful coral – but designed for practicality. As a depository for precious metals, CORA embraces the stuff that jewelry dreams are made of. The delicate, transparent branches are ideal for sorting rings, necklaces and bracelets. The base will gladly safeguard watches, cell phones and car keys – or keep in theme by holding beachcomber’s finds from the last sun & fun vacation.


PIEP: Our Tree of the Year! The inviting branches on [pi:p] reach out invitingly, offering to hold rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. And the integrated dish at its base is ideal for cell phones, reading glasses, watches and keys. Looks good, works well, and is sure to grow on you.


“What‘s new, Pussycat?” – MIAOU has the answer with some sleek new functions. Her tail will accommodate a right royal array of rings, while her pierced ears will happily keep prized earrings in shape until the next hot date. Like all of her feline friends, MIAOU has a perfect sense of balance. With her natural poise and perfectly positioned feet, she never wobbles or wavers – even when fully laden.


So much fun and so many great bathroom storage solutions now available from #Koziolove.

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