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Feb 16, 2018

Kohler: Design Inspiration for Superior Bathrooms and Kitchens

Inspired kitchen and bathroom ideas abound with renowned industry leaders, Kohler. Design Joburg is the perfect platform for stirring collaborations with talented interior designers and here, gifted designers showcase their formidable talents featuring the Kohler bathroom and kitchen brand to discerning homeowners, developers and architects. 

Left: The Kohler Purist Rose Gold Mixer and Right Supramic® material and DFI stain-resistant surface coating

Inspired by Kohler’s ability to seamlessly fuse innovation and technology, this specific space aims to showcase their sleek, and ultra-contemporary products to create a bespoke bathroom experience. Deemed as an absolute showstopper, the Kohler Mica Round Basin boasts the thinnest edge Kohler has ever produced in a basin. It will be adding its cutting-edge design to enhance the contemporary ambience of the modern bathroom. The popularity of this piece draws from its durability; being made of Supramic® material and DFI stain-resistant surface coating.
The Kohler Composed Mixer in Titanium will also be on display. The Titanium finish makes this bathroom mixer uniquely edgy, cool and a stunning addition to any modern interior including dark spaces or a bright backdrop, instantly creating a luxury bathroom. Working alongside Ditau Interiors, Kohler will be giving the modern man exactly what he wants to create the ultimate 21st-century gentleman’s retreat. The Kohler Derring Basin from the range of Kohler Artist Editions Basins complements a man’s space impeccably with its textural beauty, cleverly combining glaze and pattern to create a palette of ever-changing light reflective neutral tones. This range is modern enough to meet the needs of the evolving man yearning for a hi-tech lifestyle, while still creating a restorative retreat that is healing and naturally appealing.
The Kohler Purist Rose Gold Mixer slots itself perfectly into the modern man’s retreat with its simple architectural forms, sensual design lines and careful detailing. The versatility of the Purist Range never ceases to amaze interior designers with its adaptable personality.
The collaboration with Studium will be earmarked by a daring marriage between African modernism and transitional contemporary narratives – giving birth to the South African Heritage Apartment. Where it’s all about colour and boldness, the Kohler Forefront Black Basin makes a captivating statement in unpacking the emerging trend of adding dark colours to the modern bathroom.
Finally, Kohler will be partnering with Copperleaf Studio to showcase the infinite possibilities of the Kohler Karbon Kitchen Mixer. With its flexible design and water delivery, the Karbon puts water exactly where you need it. Its award-winning functionality options include a smooth laminar stream or a forceful spray, and its MasterClean™ spray face prevents mineral buildup. The sleekly styled joystick control is easy to clean and maintain and is a necessity for contemporary kitchen design.

Left: Kohler Forefront Black Basin Right: Kohler Karbon Kitchen Mixer.

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