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Bathrooms Oct 18, 2021

Jeeves’ top heated towel rails for summer

Welcome to summer. That spectacular season which says goodbye to everything cold and a happy hello to the beautiful glistening sun. Days are longer, blue skies stretch on forever over a world of blossoms and colour.  Let’s face it, what’s not to love about this sunny time of the year!

 And Jeeves is right there with you, celebrating the season with our recommendations of the top heated towel rails to add to your enjoyment.

1.Spartan Nine

Known for its elongated length of 1365 x 520mm, this eye-catching beauty combines simplicity with an impressive appearance.  The regularly spaced horizontal bars bring a sense of spaciousness to the room, creating a relaxing, indulgent atmosphere – the ultimate addition to a lazy summer day.

 Simplistic lines of this design, typical of the minimalist style, lend themselves to a crisp, clean uncluttered look, enhancing the bathroom experience with a striking style only surpassed by the delightful decadence of dry, toasty towels, just waiting to be used.

2. Tangent M

There’s something special about the luxury of individually rolled single use hand towels.  Add to this the sublime touch of the Tangent M heated towel rail and you have the makings of a glorious refreshing experience, pampering you throughout the summertime. 

Bringing an incomparable touch of elegance for visitors in your guest bathroom or for the family bathroom, the Tangent M is set to bring that extra dimension of summer spoiling.  Keeping a wicker basket close to the heated towel rail provides the ideal place for used towels, while adding a chic appeal to the room.  

3. Jeeves Quadro P

Looking for a heated towel rail which combines visual appeal with a cutting-edge style, then look no further than the Jeeves Quadro P.  This design celebrates the perfect melding of two styles – the modern angular style of the outer frames paired with a more classical rounded outline of the inner tubes.  The result is a contemporary design which brings an ageless appeal to your bathroom.  With groups of bars closely lined up for additional heat density, this baby is perfect for the summer bathroom, keeping your towels fresh and dry throughout the season and beyond.

4. Jeeves Classic N28

The Classic N28 is made for someone who is serious about being spoiled for choice when it comes to savouring the warmth of a heated towel.  Afterall, this baby stands tall at a majestic height of 1740 mm, with the blissful benefit of being able to accommodate several towels – perfect for storing your towels in one place while making a dramatic statement in the bathroom space. All you have to do is choose the towel you want and bask in the indulgence of your perfectly warmed, dry towel – an ideal way to end your time after splashing in the pool.

5. Jeeves Tangent W

This curved design brings a gentle flow to the bathroom, perfect for creating an idyllic space where you can unwind at the end of a summer’s day or clear your head for the day ahead.

As part of the innovative Tangent range, this novel design has a swivel component, adding a 3-dimensional effect to the room.  As a bathroom feature, this model brings a chic, trendy look, while bringing a sense of playfulness to the bathroom space.  This together with the ultimate indulgence of your warmed up towels is set to create an atmosphere of luxurious pampering all summer long.

Wrapping up

There’s something magical about summer that breathes new life into the world around us, bringing with it a new sense of possibility.  This is true of the summer bathroom – a space which offers a special time out for contemplation and rejuvenation, creating a refreshing haven.  Add to this the indulgence of crisp, dry towels, courtesy of your heated towel rail and you have the makings of a season of unforgettable experiences.


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