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Jeeves Summer Sizzlers


Ah summer!  Heavenly hot days which bring revitalizing energy, accompanied by renewal and rebirth.  It’s a time for new beginnings and new ideas.   Whether you’re having fun cooling off in the pool or simply spoiling yourself with time out in the private sanctuary of your bathroom –  Jeeves summer sizzlers are the perfect accompaniment, celebrating this season of reinvigoration.


Wondering just where to start?  Have no fear.  We are happy to share these great ideas to bring summer vitality to your bathroom experience.

Jeeves Quadro P Black


  1. Bring it on!

If you’re looking to create a sizzle or two in your bathroom, then nothing beats the impact of the Jeeves Ladder L.  Sleek tapering lines create a mesmerising effect, bringing an innovative sophistication which sets the tone to add a delicious touch of pampering to your private oasis. 


With horizontal bars providing the perfect storage solution for your towels, this captivating silhouette makes a big impact on the overall aesthetic of the room, effortlessly creating a visual display which transports you away from the routine of everyday life, reinventing the bathroom experience with a bold new look. 

Jeeves Spartan Boxx White


  1. Styled indulgence

When it comes to style, nothing sizzles quite like the Jeeves Quadro P.  With its contemporary design of rounded bars set against a geometrically angular frame, this compact model packs a punch, effortlessly bringing a charismatic vibrancy to the room.  Ideal for small to medium bathrooms with a leaning towards a modern theme, the Quadro P has a captivating allure – along with delightfully crisp dry towels.

The magnetic charm of the Quadro P sets a tone of vivacity, breathing new life into your bathroom experience.  Add to this the delightful daily pampering of crisp, dry towels and you open up a world of indulgence, allowing you to start each day energised and refreshed.


Jeeves Tangent W-2 Polished

  1. Location Location Location


If you are wanting to bring an innovative sizzle to your bathroom, then then look no further than the Tangent W.  With gently curved double bars, this unique design allows you to bring your own definitive style to the room. 


The Tangent W is a celebration of function and form.  Whether you have a large or medium sized bathroom, the swivel function adds a novel ‘architectural’ dimension.  Positioned effectively, this charming design divides the area into two sections, while sharing the indulgent benefits of heavenly heated towels with both sides of the room.   


  1. Making a bold statement

The striking look of the Spartan Boxx is a sizzler of note.  Presenting 5 horizontal bars encased in a solid square frame, this heated towel rail features as a breath-taking piece of art in the room.  Made to deliver on point pampering, this baby brings a seamless blend of liveliness and artistic flair.


Culminating in an incomparable focal point, the Spartan Boxx creates an interplay between matchless simplicity and creative design which translates into a chic, indulgent bathroom experience.

Jeeves Tangent W-2 Polished


  1. A touch of romance

When it comes to sizzling, there’s nothing like a touch of romance.  And what better way to heat things up then Classic H, perfectly sized to be used as a pair in the main en suite bathroom. 


The Classic H pays homage to the saying that dynamite comes in small packages.  This compact heated towel rail with its seven closely spaced bars provides increased surface area and heat density which will not only dry towels, but gently warm them too, redefining bathroom indulgence in the process. 

Bringing balance and a pervasive sense of harmony, this design is set to celebrate the richness of the summer season while allowing you to create a relaxing and rejuvenating haven.   The result is a luxurious rounding off your bath time, with soothing towels heated to perfection.


Wrapping up

Summer is a time for maximising experiences:  bringing the lazy days outside to create a timeless sense of tranquillity on the inside too.  And when it comes to relaxation, nothing quite compares to the serenity of bathroom time out to make the most of this hottest time of the year.  Add to this the indulgence of a delightfully warmed up towel and you have the perfect recipe for getting even more out of this season.

Isn’t it time you spoilt yourself with an extra touch of summertime sizzle!

Tangent L Heated-Ladder Rail


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