Jeeves Spartan Boxx: It’s cool to be square

Sleek.  Serene. Sculptured contours. Clean lines. This minimalist simplicity is the essence of the modern design style which brings an effortless sophistication to bathroom décor.

Inspired by this structured, uniformed design theme of the modern bathroom, with its streamlined effect, Jeeves Heated Towel Rails, leading manufactures of 100% stainless steel heated towel rails, introduces the latest addition to their range offering, the Spartan Boxx. Known for their cutting-edge contribution to heated towel design, this latest on-trend offering from South Africa’s leading heated towel brand effortlessly complements the uncluttered focus of the modern design style, bringing an undisputed elegance to the modern bathroom. “Spartan” refers to the minimalist aspect of the design, while “Boxx” references its unique rectangular frame, with its added ‘X factor’ facilitating its magnetic appeal,” says Mark Bennett, Director at Jeeves Heated Towel Rails. The Spartan Boxx boasts a striking rectangular border to combine both form and function, so that the heated towel rail appears as a framed artwork which transforms the bathroom into an inspired experience of blissful warmth. Designed and manufactured with the finest locally sourced stainless steel, Jeeves’ efficient Automated Heating Technology reduces the Spartan Boxx electricity consumption to the equivalent of just one light bulb. Add a market-leading guarantee, and the fluid filled feature which enables even heat distribution, it’s no wonder that the brand continues to set the trend and benchmark in heated towel design, both locally and internationally. “The concept for the Jeeves Boxx was conceived and motivated by our sales team in the United Kingdom.  Given the uniqueness and arresting features of the design, we were happy to oblige,” says Bennett of the brand’s latest eye catching offering which balances order, clarity and calmness of space while making a distinctive statement in the room with its 6 horizontal tubes highlighted by the square frame.

The new Jeeves Spartan Boxx can be found nationwide at selected bathroom retailers at a RRP of R4,299 ex vat. Available in a choice of polished or brushed stainless steel, black, white or antique rose gold, with custom colours provided on request, the Spartan Boxx makes a decorative statement. As a unique display piece, the latest Jeeves offering adds to the experience of bathroom luxury, ushering in warmth and colour, to create a sanctuary for the bathroom experience to transform the bathroom into a serene sanctuary. For stockists details, please contact or visit their website


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