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Nov 21, 2019

Jeeves: Heated Towel Rails For An Idyllic Holiday Home

Whether it’s the fresh sea breeze of the coast or the picturesque beauty of the rolling verdant hills, the holiday home is a special place which takes us far away from the cares of our daily lives.

It is here where we bring in the luxuries which create the ultimate in indulgence, creating a haven where our creature comforts add a touch of well-deserved pampering.

And nothing quite adds to this experience, like the heated towel rail, providing an unforgettable aesthetic charm together with the heavenly bliss of stepping into a perfectly dry towel.

We take a look at 5 heated towel from Jeeves rails for the idyllic holiday home.

Jeeves Classic H Kitchen[

  1. The Guest Bathroom

The Jeeves Classic H brings a charm to the guest bathroom, bringing a bespoke look the room.  As this is usually a smaller area, the compact option of the 400 x 460 mm model is an ideal choice, adding a sense of luxurious comfort.  With seven horizontal tubular bars centred between two frames, the Classic H can fit easily next to the guest shower and basin, adding to the aesthetic appeal of the room and treating your guests to the pleasing indulgence of continuously dry towels.

Jeeves Quadro D Brushed SS

  1. Family Bathroom

As one of the busiest areas of the home, the family bathroom needs a heated towel rail which can accommodate several towels at the same time. The Quadro D not only provides a perfect solution to do just that, it also brings a unique modern touch to the room.  Standing at a statuesque length of 1340 cm, the Quadro D has a choice of 3 widths (400 mm, 520 mm, 620 mm), while naturally drawing the eye to the interplay of an angular frame surrounding groups of tubular bars.  The result is a contemporary look which sets the theme of the bathroom space, where modern styling crowns the bathroom experience with the effortless pleasure of warmed up towels.

  1. Bathroom en suite

The Tangent L Ladder transforms the en suite bathroom into your own private haven.  With its mesmerising silhouette as the designer version of the ladder, this heated towel rail commands attention as a focal point in the room.  Boasting evenly spaced horizontal bars, this stunning Jeeves design brings a minimalist look, combined with the contemporary feel of the tapering frames. Available in a single size, this distinctive design creates a pervasive sense of tranquillity, topped by the perfect pampering of stepping into a dry towel for a sumptuous bathroom experience.

  1. From Kitchen to bathroom

While heated towel rails generally dominate the bathroom space, this indulgent accessory is also perfectly at home in other areas of the holiday home.  In fact, the mobile Tangent E heated towel rail was designed with this in mind, bringing the delights of toasty towels wherever you may be.

Whether you are in the kitchen, bathroom or in any other area of your home, you are assured of the luxurious impact of delightfully dry towels adding to your holiday relaxation and enjoyment.

Jeeves Classic H Kitchen

  1. Tangent G

The Tangent G is a perfect low-cost solution for areas of your holiday home which are poorly ventilated or often exposed to damp.  This nifty cupboard dryer can be used to add a fresh touch to cupboards, wardrobes, boats, caravans, drying cabinets etc., helping to reduce dampness and mildew, giving you peace of mind of keeping these areas clean and healthy.

Wrapping up

One thing’s for sure, holidays involve a lot of time with water activities:  from the pool to the beach, there’s nothing like being pampered with a continuous supply of dry towels at your disposal.  And while the Jeeves heated towel rails promises to bring a definitive style to your home, they also work 24/7/365, doing all the work quietly in the background, so that you can focus on what you do best – creating unforgettable memories with your friends and loved ones.

Jeeves Tangent L Heated Ladder Rail

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