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Aug 23, 2019

Jeeves: Chic Heated Towel Rail Trends For The Perfect En-Suite Bathroom

Let’s face it, life is fast paced and busy.  And quite frankly, we know that you deserve a bit of downtime, a place to unwind.  It’s time to ease into the well-deserved space of “me-time”, where you can put the outside world on hold (even if it’s just for a while).

Jeeves Classic

Enter the en-suite bathroom, the ultimate experience in luxury and pampering.  Seamlessly slipping from the comfort of your bedroom into a beautifully designed bathroom adds a dimension of indulgence to the start or end of each day, providing you with your own private sanctuary away from the bustle of the world.

We take a look at the chic heated towel rail trends to make your en-suite bathroom the highlight of your home.

  1. Contemporary styling

The Spartan Boxx brings a sophisticated charm, creating a welcoming impact with its streamlined, minimalist effect.  Presenting a unified form, this sophisticated design maximises the surrounding space, drawing the eye to its breathtaking presence as a captivating individual piece.

This sleek, stylish silhouette inspires a distinctive contemporary feel, ushering in a sense of serenity with its cutting-edge simplicity while presenting a sense of completion through its unified form, inviting you to leave your cares far behind you.

  1. Embracing connection

The en-suite bathroom presents a canvass where colour plays a strategic role in creating a sense of luxurious continuity and effortless flow from the bedroom into the adjoining bathroom area.  And with the flexibility provided by Jeeves’ generous palette, you can easily establish a sense of connectedness between the two spaces.

Using the Jeeves’ trendy colours of yellow gold, antique rose gold, matte white, matte black, mirror polished and matte brushed, your heated towel rail can be used as an element of cohesion while adding vibrancy to your bathroom experience.

Jeeves Tangent L Ladder

  1. It takes two

If you happen to share the en-suite space with you other half, Jeeves leaves you spoilt for choice when it comes to treating yourself with the chic elegance of the heated towel rail.  From the compact Jeeves Classic H, which can be perfectly paired in a bathroom for two to the eye-catching Tangent L Ladder Towel Rail with its groups of horizontal bars running between the tapered sides, one thing’s for sure: a delightful experience of your towels, warmed up to crisp perfection, not to mention the added benefit of the finesse it adds to your bathroom experience.

  1. Indulgence

Pampered style is a charming, natural accompaniment of the en-suite bathroom experience.  And nothing says pampering more than slipping into a softly warmed up bathrobe after indulging in a relaxing bath or shower.  Here the Quadro range is ideal for rounding off your soothing experience.  Easy on the eye with its geometric frame juxtaposed against the gently rounded horizontal bars, this contemporary styled heated towel rail is set to transform your bathroom into a haven of indulgence, an ideal way to unwind at the end of each day.

  1. Time for you

One of the decided benefits of an en-suite bathroom is enveloping yourself in a luxuriating space, set apart from the rest of the world.  This is where you get to create your own personal retreat that is all about you, providing the ideal canvass to express your personal style.

Whether it’s the beautifully handcrafted tubular rails of the Classic Range, the uncluttered essential essence of the Spartan Range, the expressive, innovative Tangent Range or the edgy modern presence of the Quadro Range, Jeeves gives you the creative freedom to bring your personal stamp to your bathroom experience.

Jeeves Spartan

Wrapping up

The beauty of the en-suite bathroom lies in its gift of your own personal space and time. Surrounded by décor which brings you an aesthetic delight, you get to create a haven of unlimited pampering – a private, quite space which not only adds value to your lifestyle, but your property too.

Classic Eight Heated Towel Rail

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