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Bathrooms Oct 13, 2023

Jeeves brings summer style to the bathroom

Crisp early mornings give way to the vibrant sun.  Fields are alive with bright blossoms, creating picturesque landscapes.  Summer is here once more, breathing fresh energy and vitality that is reflected in the bathroom trends of the new season.

And if you’re wondering just where to start, Jeeves is here to share top insights on just how to bring the latest summer style to your bathroom relaxation.


The Spa bathroom style

Now that the hot season is here, you have the perfect excuse to transform your bathroom into a haven of tranquility.  And nothing says summer serenity quite like the effortless relaxing ambience of a spa-styled bathroom.  Create this look using clean, crisp towels rolled up and gently warmed by the Jeeves Tangent M to bring a luxurious boutique look to the room.  Providing dry, warmed towels, this Jeeves model combines the pampering effect of a heated towel rail with the novelty of a heated shelf –  perfect for indulging in a revitalising bathroom experience.


 Make a statement in black

Black is an on trend colour for the summer bathroom, adding a dramatic contrast to tiles and furniture.  Synonymous with elegance, black accessories such as your taps, robe hook and soap dispenser add a definitive edge to the room.  This theme invites you to explore the creative spectrum, offering the opportunity to highlight different zones in the room, while bringing a sense off cohesion to the overall bathroom style.

Using this effect on plumbing pipes, transforms this functional element into an aesthetic object which makes a striking contribution to the overall décor.  And finally, crown this theme with a sleek black heated towel rail – such as the Tangent Ladder L or the Jeeves Quadro Six, for a magnetic impact as a feature or accent wall, indelibly marking the room with your personal style.


Minimalist look

Summer’s theme of freshness lends itself to uncluttered, simple décor where streamlined contours of the heated towel rail create an aesthetic focal point with a refined appeal. Spectacular clean lines are an essential part of this minimalist look, which is synonymous with bathroom serenity.   Whether it’s the structured symmetry of the Classic range, the cutting-edge design of the Quadro range or the simplified essence of the Spartan models, the compact design of a heated towel adds to the visual flow, bringing an unfettered lightness to the bathroom space. 


Metallic effect

The energised  essence of summer is effectively mirrored in the metallic look, bringing a sense of excitement and interest to the bathroom space.  With heated towel rails available in a choice of finishes, the metallic effect introduces the wow factor, allowing you to express your definitive style while creating a rich and warm, relaxing space. 

The Jeeves extensive range is available in a choice of looks from the mirror polished finish which adds a summer sparkle to the room, reflecting colours and light, to the matte brushed look which brings a classic, distinguished touch.  Then there’s the soft summer pinks of the antique rose gold, presenting a heated towel rail which invites the breathtaking look of summer sunsets or the finish of gold yellow as an ode to the summer sun, adding a peaceful glow to your bathroom space.

Whatever your bathroom theme or colour, Jeeves creations bring inspiration and a sense of indulgence to culminate in an unforgettable summer style.


Technocentric bathroom

Summer celebrates the return of bright flowers and bold colours.  Honouring the significance of nature, Jeeves Heated Towels Rails uses technology founded on principles which take the environment into consideration.  Backed by the latest technological standards and design trends, the Jeeves Heated Towel rail brings you the convenience of automation combined with the pampering of a constant supply of warm, dry towels. 

Jeeves heated towels have a hydronic option and an electrical option.  The hydronic option is designed to operate as part of a recirculating hot water system, bypassing the need for electrical heating. 

While the electrical option still draws from the grid, Jeeves advanced technology facilitates minimal power consumption so that the heating cost is similar to that of a standard light bulb, making it a unique luxury that you can afford. 

Additionally, the electrical option uses Automatic Heating Technology (AHT), an intelligent, convenient and energy efficient method of heating towel rails. Unique to Jeeves, AHT is the only heating technology featuring a thermostat – a device that automatically responds to temperature changes, activating internal switches controlling the heated towel rail. 

All of these technological features culminate in a single experience: perfectly warmed towels right at your finger-tips.  Plus, your towels get to remain fresh for longer, further conserving electrical and water power with the reduced need for washing and tumble drying.



Wrapping it up

As the bathroom increasingly becomes an oasis of indulgence away from the bustle of the outside world, the heated towel rail becomes a strategic element of this timeless space of tranquility. 

Whether you are aiming for an invigorating aesthetic effect or a touch of pampering, bringing  a heated towel rail into this space will treat you to the best of both worlds:  creating a space in harmony with the latest trends while optimizing  your bathroom experience as you slow down and simply savour the peace and quiet of your summer sanctuary.  

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