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Bathrooms Jan 10, 2023

Jeeves 5 top bathroom trends 2023.

From small spaces to luxury retreats the bathroom continues to inspire exploration and creativity.  The New Year highlights this focus with an emphasis on the personal touch.  Here the bathroom comes into its own as a canvass reflecting your individual style, with trends providing exciting design options to express yourself in this in this space.  Jeeves weighs in with the 5 top bathroom trends for 2023 to inspire you to do just that.

  1. Dramatic impact

Matt black continues as an on-trend colour in the bathroom.  Known for its sleek, sophisticated look, this sultry shade is set to be included as an impactful element, bringing a wow factor to the 2023 bathroom space.  This favoured shade works well with an impressive silhouette such as the Spartan Boxx with its captivating design, a perfect match for this bold tone.  Here, breath-taking form meets high functionality:  a dramatic display of stylish horizontal lines ‘boxed’ within a streamlined square framework, providing delightfully dry towels which transform bath time into a sumptuous occasion of indulgence.


  1. Sublime simplicity

One of the key trends for the new year is a theme which pays homage to the minimalist aesthetic, focussing on distilling an object to reveal its basic essence.  This is perfectly encapsulated by the Spartan Six where simplicity brings out the inherent beauty of the design, presenting an enthralling handcrafted heated towel rail in its essential, unadorned form:  6 well-spaced horizontal bars, bordered by an elegant tubular rail on each side. 

The result is a distinctive display of geometric abstraction, further enhanced by the delightful decadence from the continuous supply of toasty towels. 

Jeeves Spartan Six Black

  1. Your personality as a design statement

The bathroom is seeing an expansion of possibilities, pushing the design boundaries in this space.  New Year trends will expand on this, positioning the bathroom as place of personal creativity.  Inviting an individual stamp to the room, this trend is set to see the introduction of special elements such as mementos or introducing design elements such as the innovative Tangent W, to bring a unique feel to the room.  With the interplay of geometric shapes, this towel rail ticks all the boxes with its unique contours which add character to the room.  

In turn, the bathroom becomes a space that reflects your inner world, completed by the soft cocooning of gently warmed up towels to round off your bathroom routine each day.

Jeeves Tangent W-3 Polished

  1. A luxurious retreat

The bathroom’s ascendence as a place where you get to unwind is emphasised in the upcoming trend of pampering, creating a serene idyll of tranquillity and nurturing.  And nothing does this better than the Tangent X – your own private butler, providing the indulgence of heavenly heated towels while adding an aesthetic of pure indulgence. This trend creates a place with treasured moments of ‘me time’ – a private sanctuary which indulges your senses and soothes your soul.

Jeeves Tangent X in Matte Black

  1. A touch of nature

While matt black remains en vogue, pops of colour are making a deliberate entrance into the bathroom space.  Emphasis is on colours which reflect the natural world – tones reminiscent of shimmering golden sunsets, echoed in the pearl gold finish of Jeeves Heated Towel Rails.  The New Year will see this trend of colour used strategically to highlight a design, such as in the case of the Classic C where different finishes draw attention to the head turning pattern resulting from the grouped horizontal bars.  In this way the colour trend can be leveraged to add a new magnetic dimension, bringing an uplifting ambience together with the blissful supply of delightfully dry towels.

Wrapping up

The New Year trends are set to work together in service of the bathroom as your personal happy place – where you can enjoy a hiatus of quiet and relaxation – slowly letting go of the bustle of the day. 

The idea is to let these ideas inspire you to experiment with self-expression: creating a space which uniquely reflects your aesthetic sense and your needs, where you get to escape and de-stress topped by the added indulgence of pleasantly warmed up towels, courtesy of your heated towel rail.

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